240 Hz

While MSI may be best known for motherboards and laptops, the company is making a big play at the monitor market as well. And this is in a quite literal way with their latest monitor, the Optix MAG491C. At 49 inches, the Optix MAG491C is closer in size to a TV than a monitor, providing significant screen real estate for playing high-end games or multitasking. Due out later this year for an estimated price of $999, this curved beauty can even fool your computer into thinking that it's two separate displays. We had a chance to spend a few minutes playing Project Cars on the Optix MAG491C and were impressed both with the smoothness and just how easy it was to see the full screen...

BenQ Announces the ZOWIE XL2540: 24-Inch 240 Hz Full-HD Display 'for e-Sports'

BenQ this week introduced its new display aimed specifically at professional gamers. The new monitor belongs to the ZOWIE family of BenQ’s products designed for e-Sports and features Full-HD...

35 by Anton Shilov on 11/10/2016

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