To close Day 1 coverage of the fall Intel Developer Forum, we’ve got lots of exciting hardware to show to you that most consumers won’t see for months. This new and exciting hardware is found at IDF’s Technology Showcase, where all types of companies come together to show off their latest products or the latest products from allied companies. We were quite pleased to see future technologies like DDR-II, Serial ATA, and PCI Express when walking around the show floor.

Granite Bay on Display

By far the most interesting Pentium 4-related technology on the show floor was Intel’s upcoming Granite Bay chipset. Based on dual DDR266 technology, Granite Bay offers a massive 4.2GB/s of bandwidth for the Pentium 4’s consumption. Intel can pretty much launch Granite Bay whenever they want at this point, but it seems as if they’re still waiting to see how AMD plays its cards with Hammer.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Granite Bay’s launch, motherboard makers Tyan and MSI are saying Q4 as the launch date for their Granite Bay boards.

MSI's Granite Bay Motherboard

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Tyan's Granite Bay Motherboard

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DDR-II & PCI Express on the Floor

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