IRQ Usage

  • Allows user to individually assign IRQs to PCI/Legacy ISA devices

  • Autodetects PnP Peripherals after POST


Recommended BIOS Settings


Shuttle HOT-631 Chipset Features Setup
Item 66MHz Setting 75/83MHz Setting Safe Setting
Auto Configuration: Disabled Disabled Disabled
MA Wait State: Fast Fast Slow
EDO RAS# To CAS# Delay: 2 3 3
EDO RAS# Precharge Time: 3 3 4
EDO DRAM Read Burst: x222 x333 x333
EDO DRAM Write Burst: x222 x333 x333
DRAM Data Integrity Mode: Non-ECC Non-ECC Non-ECC
CPU-To-PCI IDE Posting: Enabled Enabled Enabled
System BIOS Cacheable: Enabled Enabled Disabled
Video BIOS Cacheable: Enabled Enabled Disabled
Video RAM Cacheable: Enabled Enabled Disabled
8 Bit I/O Recovery Time: 1 1 2
16 Bit I/O Recovery Time: 1 1 2
Memory Hole At 15M - 16M: Disabled Disabled Disabled
Passive Release: Enabled Enabled Disabled
Delayed Transaction: Enabled Enabled Disabled
AGP Aperture Size (MB): 64 64 8
SDRAM RAS-to-CAS Delay: Fast Fast Slow
SDRAM RAS Precharge Time: Fast Fast Slow
SDRAM CAS latency Time: 2 2 3
Spread Spectrum Modulated: 1.5% 1.5% Disabled
CPU Warning Temperature: Disabled Disabled Disabled


Recommended SDRAM

This little addition to my review layout was put in here just so you all can have an idea of what brand of SDRAM I recommend and have tested with the board, just to avoid problems in the future if you decide to purchase the board.

Recommended SDRAM: Advanced Megatrends SDRAM
SDRAM Tested: 2 x 32MB Advanced Megatrends SDRAM DIMMs; 2 x 32MB Corsair SDRAM DIMMs

Manufacturer: Advanced Megatrends
Purchase Web-Site:

Manufacturer: Corsair Microsystems
Purchase Web-Site:

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