XP4 in a PC Card

An obvious application for the XP4 is the mobile market and it will be only a matter of months before the XP4 is announced in its first mobile home. The mobile XP4 will be very similar to the desktop solution but most likely running at a 200MHz core clock frequency due to power limitations.

Trident had a PC card design for the XP4, which would allow notebook users to have DVI/VGA output and instant multimonitor support through a simple PC card.

DVI interface through a PC card

The part Trident had at our meeting was based on a XP2 platform but they are confident that the XP4 will work in such a design just as well because of its low power. Granted that the 32-bit Cardbus interface won't provide much bandwidth so the solution wouldn't be good for much other than business applications, but it's still an interesting part.

XP4 vs GeForce4 Trident XP4 Benchmarks
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