Only once in a while does a product truly impress us. Occasionally a product comes along and just blows our socks off.  Normally, we would let you all know now that day is today.  However, the 191T does have its pitfall: the price.  We mentioned earlier that the difficulty in producing almost 4 million transistors slightly thicker than a human hair is ‘complicated’.  Certain levels of quality must be kept for a company like Samsung to deliver.  Most online retailers sell the SyncMaster 191T around 1150 USD.

The image was acceptable.  Incredible for an LCD actually. The response time (25ms) gave us a very smooth display.

For many, the price on the 191T is justifiable.  If price is no object, the 191T is the best 19" LCD on the market. As we have pointed out, the features are excellent.  Performance on the Samsung was at par or better than most CRTs, while other advantages put it well ahead.  Low power consumption, (near) zero heat generation, dual inputs, practically no glare, the small footprint, a 13lb weight; all combined into the sleekest looking monitor any of us have ever seen.  Hospitals, offices, and other tight working places could benefit with the 191T.  Gamers beware, however, as the 191T shares the same streaking problem that plagues the vast majority of LCD monitors on the market. For our first LCD review we have to thank Samsung for sending us such an excellent product.  Those not on a budget will find themselves getting a solid, dependable, quality monitor.  But how does the 191T stack up against other competitive LCD monitors?  Find out in the next installment of our Monitor Reviews!

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  • Anonymous User - Monday, October 27, 2003 - link

    Good review but reviewer doesn't seem to realize that power consumption and heat dissipation are one and the same (ie every Watt that goes into the monitor is converted to one Watt of heat). Reply

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