Successfully Cooling the XPC

The primary reason for the SS51's attractiveness from a performance standpoint is that it is able to house a Pentium 4 running at 2.53GHz, a GeForce4 Ti 4600 and a 7200RPM IDE hard drive all while being cooled by only a single fan.

The beauty of the SS51's cooling design is in the use of heatpipes to cool the processor's heatsink. The heatpipes help conduct heat away from the Pentium 4 CPU much quicker and are cooled by a large fan mounted at the rear of the case. The use of heatpipes allows Shuttle to get away with a lower profile heatsink and use a slower spinning and thus quieter fan in the system.

The single fan in the SS51 pulls air from the inside of the case and exhausts it through the rear vents. Holes in the sides of the case act as cool air intakes that are functional through the low pressure that's created on the inside of the case courtesy of the single exhaust fan.

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The FS51 (continued) A Temperature Controlled Fan


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  • jbratton - Tuesday, September 16, 2003 - link

    My advice a a Shuttle Customer... DO NOT RISK IT !
    There are lots of other vendors with integrity out there. The jokers I've delt with at Shuttle in the US void any warranty they claim ! Im my experience with them I can count on an unneeded flashing bios.. If thats the problem.. than your ok.. ortherwize.. you're on your own.. after a couple of attempts..forget it.. your warrantys expired !! - A Joke they play on us !

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