Fragment AA - The Parhelia's Best Feature

To test AA quality and performance we used the 4X settings for both ATI and NVIDIA and Matrox's 16X Fragment AA setting. Let's go to the image quality comparison first:

AA Disabled

ATI Radeon 8500
Matrox Parhelia

You can see that the Parhelia offers the best setting from an image quality stand point, but what about performance?

Since UT2003 isn't ready for public consumption yet and our demo wasn't entirely complete we weren't able to publish full screenshots from the game. But rest assured that Matrox's Fragment Anti-Aliasing looked nothing short of amazing. We understand that the performance of the Parhelia to this point isn't representative of a $300 - $400 card but if anything is a redeeming quality it is the GPU's AA quality.

At 640x480 with 16X AA on the end result was stunning. What FAA was able to do for UT2003, considering how high of a polygon count the game has, was incredible. Granted there was some loss in texture resolution at such a low native resolution but going up to 1024x768 with 16X AA enabled helped take care of just that. We ran benchmarks at those two resolutions in both UT2003 levels.

Anisotropic Filtering Performance Fragment AA Performance


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