Tomorrow AMD will release their Athlon MP 2100+ processor; we've already reviewed the desktop variant of the chip so how can we possibly get excited about a processor we've had on the desktop for months? Before you get too confused, the aforementioned situation happens quite often in a number of the markets that we cover at AnandTech. Every now and then there are relatively small but important announcements that don't warrant a full 30 hours of testing and 10,000 words of editorial but they are too significant to let them go unmentioned.

Once in a blue moon, a handful of those relatively small but important announcements happen to fall within days of one another and we're left in the pleasant situation of being able to lump a bunch of little things into one decent sized article. It's all about efficiency, instead of three separate news stories you get one article that encompasses everything that's happening in a particular market. In this case we're dealing with the graphics market and the players involved are ATI, NVIDIA and Matrox.


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