11:49AM EDT - That's a wrap. Time for some hands on

11:47AM EDT - Looks like we're wrapping up, it's the final summary

11:46AM EDT - test

11:46AM EDT - 4000 people will be invited to take part in a user experience

11:43AM EDT - Another video about users having some time with the phone

11:42AM EDT - G4 coes with QuadBeat 3 headphones

11:42AM EDT - VW drivers can use Mirror Link to display the phone in the car

11:41AM EDT - 15GB+100GB of Google Drive for 2 years

11:41AM EDT - Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are preinstalled

11:40AM EDT - Smart Notice

11:40AM EDT - Gallery seems to do dynamic showing, giving previews of 100s of photos at once

11:40AM EDT - Does a gallery mode on your photos based on time and location, doesn't have to upload to cloud to do so

11:39AM EDT - UX 4.0 Software

11:38AM EDT - Looks like for a teardown, the display lifts out to replace it

11:38AM EDT - Another video

11:37AM EDT - Totals 11% lower power consumption

11:37AM EDT - Sends notices about Apps drawing power when the display is off

11:37AM EDT - smart power saving UX as well

11:37AM EDT - new structure of liquid crystal in the display

11:37AM EDT - Special memory for a display that is showing a still image, allowing the CPU to sleep

11:36AM EDT - embedded In-Cell Touch tech

11:35AM EDT - due to IPS display

11:35AM EDT - more reds than sRGB screens

11:34AM EDT - Talking about DCI color expression standards

11:33AM EDT - Now onto user experience

11:33AM EDT - I keep writing selphie and having to correct my spelling. FF8 players know what I mean

11:33AM EDT - open hand-fist-open hand-fist for four selfies in eight seconds

11:33AM EDT - use a gesture to set a timed photo

11:32AM EDT - Gesture Interval Shot

11:32AM EDT - 8MP

11:32AM EDT - Now talking selfies

11:31AM EDT - Another video, with a professional photographer and the G4

11:29AM EDT - Adjust shutter speed up to 30 seconds

11:28AM EDT - Allows saving in RAW + JPG in the same shot

11:28AM EDT - Similar control to DSLR level, including RAW formats

11:28AM EDT - Simple, Auto and Manual modes in the camera software

11:27AM EDT - adjusts flash temperature and white balance as you take the photo

11:27AM EDT - Reads RGB and IR

11:26AM EDT - reads an objects exact color

11:26AM EDT - 2nd sensor on back is a color spectrum sensor

11:25AM EDT - OIS 2.0 has extended range to 2 degrees in x and y

11:24AM EDT - sensor on G4 is 1/2.6"

11:24AM EDT - i.e. you want a low F stop and a large sensor size

11:23AM EDT - 'To take photographs well, you need to allow as much as light as possible'

11:22AM EDT - 'Understanding the essence of the camera'

11:22AM EDT - launch the camera in 0.6 secs

11:22AM EDT - 276ms for laser focus

11:21AM EDT - 'Moved from megapixels to fast auto focus'

11:21AM EDT - Now on to the camera

11:20AM EDT - video about leather making now

11:20AM EDT - Normal ceramic back if you don't want leather

11:20AM EDT - 'That's what differentiates the G4 most from other smartphones'

11:20AM EDT - Still going on about leather

11:19AM EDT - Images look like they're hand made, they're probably not

11:19AM EDT - Vegetable tanned, full grain leather

11:19AM EDT - Back is leather

11:17AM EDT - removable battery

11:16AM EDT - 'so 20% better durability'

11:16AM EDT - so it's angled on the table

11:16AM EDT - they're not expaining it

11:16AM EDT - 3000R arc, whatever that means

11:15AM EDT - 'Slim Arc;

11:15AM EDT - 'Smartphones have become uniform slabs of metal'

11:14AM EDT - Human Centric UX

11:14AM EDT - Great Visual Experience

11:14AM EDT - Comfortable Elegance

11:14AM EDT - Focus on three key values

11:13AM EDT - Andrew Coughlin, Head of LG UK Mobile

11:13AM EDT - Quick shot, shoot instantly from off screen with the rear button

11:12AM EDT - Gesture Interval shot

11:12AM EDT - 3000 mAh battery

11:11AM EDT - OIS 2.0

11:11AM EDT - 20% wider color range

11:11AM EDT - Another video

11:10AM EDT - 'Collaboration with Qualcomm was deep and unique'

11:09AM EDT - 'superior camera functionality, 4K video capture, Adreno 400 series, Quad HD display'

11:09AM EDT - Cat 6 LTE

11:09AM EDT - That's dual core A57 and quad core A53

11:08AM EDT - Snapdragon 808 and X10 LTE

11:08AM EDT - starring Qualcomm

11:08AM EDT - Another video

11:08AM EDT - "Experience the G4"

11:07AM EDT - LG UX 4.0

11:07AM EDT - IPS Quantum Display

11:07AM EDT - Laser Cam F/1.8

11:07AM EDT - Camera technology is second to none

11:07AM EDT - Camera technology is second to none

11:04AM EDT - Video for the G4 now

11:04AM EDT - "Innovation for a better life"

11:04AM EDT - "The purpose should not be just for technology, we must understand the user and the benefits"

11:03AM EDT - "We develop more professional features for the G4"

11:03AM EDT - "We use our strengths to meet customers requirements"

11:03AM EDT - President of LG Europe, Brian Na

11:02AM EDT - She's a TV/sports presenter

11:02AM EDT - Gaby Logan, presenter on stage

11:01AM EDT - "LG G4"

11:01AM EDT - very colorful

11:00AM EDT - It's starting. A video

10:58AM EDT - We're a couple of minutes away from the official start, in a church in London. We're sitting in pews, but I have a good view

10:57AM EDT - We're in London for LG's launch of the G4. The wifi / my hotspot isn't that good, but the event starts soon. Read as much as we can post!

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  • Mondozai - Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - link

    Anyone know any livestream?
  • Mondozai - Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - link

    Here's one:

  • der - Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - link

    Now THIS is a liveblog!
  • Ethos Evoss - Saturday, May 2, 2015 - link

    Same like for P8 :)
  • edzieba - Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - link

    "3000R arc, whatever that means"

    If it's anything like the nomenclature curved TV and curved desktop monitor manufacturers have adopted, that means "a curve with a radius of 3000mm".
  • ToTTenTranz - Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - link

    Yap, that's it.
  • ToTTenTranz - Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - link

    As a comparison, the Flex 2 does a 700R arc. So curve with radius of 700mm.
  • sonny73n - Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - link

    C'mon LG! All that showing-offs without any improvement in design. How about putting that display right in the center and front stereo speakers?
  • sonny73n - Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - link

    BTW this G4 is one of the ugliest designs I've seen. No way I'm gonna put that ugly thing on my good looking face ;)
  • Notmyusualid - Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - link

    Yep - gorgeous phone, but nobody is having my money again, until I have front facing speakers, and real buttons again(as opposed to on-screen type buttons). Oh, and microSD card slot too.

    Get that right, and my money is yours!

    Did I miss anything about being waterproof?

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