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Weekly Athlon/Duron (Socket-A) Motherboard Prices
Motherboard (Chipset)
CNet Pricing
ABIT KG7 (AMD 760)
ASUS A7V266 (VIA KT266)
FIC AD11 (AMD 760)
Shuttle AK31 Revision 3.1 (VIA KT266A)
Tyan Thunder K7 (AMD 760MP)
Tyan Tiger MP (AMD 760MP)

We've started a new Socket-A motherboard list that we will add to as more boards hit the streets. We have kept a few older generation boards (KT266 and AMD 760 based) just for the transition period and to also show you exactly how affordable some of these new KT266A motherboards are. The Shuttle AK31 Revision 3.1 that we looked at in our recent roundup performed quite well, was very stable and to top it all off the board features 4 DIMM slots which work fine when fully populated with regular DDR266 SDRAM. As if that weren't enough, the board can be purchased for only $85. Add shipping and you've still got a board that's cheaper than the cheapest previous-generation Athlon board.

Tyan's solutions still monopolize the 2P Athlon market so those two boards are the only options you're going to have when going to a 2P Athlon MP system.

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