Specific Issues, Concerns and Commentary

Let's look at some of those concerns directly and address them where we can. Based on some of the feedback that I have gotten over the years, plus some of my own concerns, this is a good list to start from.

  • Simplicity and Ease of Use
  • Poor PC Hardware Compatibility
  • Windows Networking Compatibility
  • Appealing to Enthusiasts and Gamers
  • Lack of High Level Professional Software
  • Difficult Installations of the OS and Applications
  • Lack of a Cohesive Vision and Standards
  • Lack of Corporate and End User Support
  • Overall Operating System Stability

Not all of these may be valid, but this is just a list of what people are thinking about. Now that we have identified these concerns, each will be addressed individually in subsequent pages. I may not hit every note or every single factoid, but the object here is to simply address these concerns and explain them in a moderately understandable way. Please don't go insane trying to nit-pick every aspect of the following pages.

The End-User Perception Of The Market Simplicity and Ease of Use

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