With the release of NVIDIA's GeForce3 graphics processor, many video card manufacturers are finding it difficult to successfully produce and sell cards based off the "latest and greatest" NVIDIA offering. Aside from the sheer cost associated with GeForce3 card production, a cost made high as a result of the expensive 3.8ns memory among other things, manufacturers are also finding it hard to get NVIDIA to supply them with chips. Add these problems to the fact that the GeForce3 caters to a very limited market and it becomes clear why so few GeForce3 products are finding their way to stores in mass numbers.

Despite the problems, a select group of manufacturers do seem to be making the best of what they have, getting their products out of the warehouse and onto the store shelves at reasonable prices. Of these companies, few have been successful, leaving only a handful of readily available and attractively priced GeForce3 cards on the market. A quick search shows that one company alone dominates the extremely low priced GeForce3 market, as the 5 lowest priced GeForce3 cards on Pricewatch as of publication are all produced by the Asian manufacturer Gainward.

Of the major video card producers based in Asia, not many have been able to penetrate as large a market as Gainward. Offering a complete line of NVIDIA based graphics cards, Gainward has been able to win the hearts of users in all parts of the world with their high quality and low cost products. It seems that their most recent project, the CARDEXPERT GeForce3 PowerPack !!!, continues this trend with the GeForce3 graphics processor.

Available in a low-cost package that includes only the TV-out feature as well as a more expensive decked-out package that includes DVI-output as well as VIVO capabilities, the CARDEXPERT GeForce3 PowerPack !!! comes in configurations that can meet every user's needs. Today we take a look at the fully featured CARDEXPERT GeForce3 PowerPack !!! which is identical to the lower-priced version only with some extras.

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