Every year there are quite a few computer trade shows around the world, with one of the biggest being Computex in Taipei.  Computex takes place in June and attracts a considerable number of people since many companies take this chance to announce their newest products and technologies, just like at Comdex. The difference is that there tends to be more of a focus on computer components at Computex than at Comdex since many of those companies are based out of Asia.

One important side effect of Computex in Taipei is that several cities in Asia also hold their own computer shows around the same time, so that people attending Computex can also pass by those cities, potentially boosting their own market.  There are computer shows in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong.

Luckily, we happened to be in Hong Kong this year when they were holding their annual international computer show, so we took a few moments out to take a look.   The show was quite different from those we have attended and covered in the past, such as Computex and Comdex

Nevertheless, we were able to gather quite a bit of interesting information about future products and what is hot in Hong Kong right now. Since the show is held two weeks before Computex in Taipei, we were able to get a sort of preview of some of the things we might see there.  Want to know how different the show was and what information we gathered?  Read on to find out.

Computer 2001

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