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As digital surround sound technologies trickle down to computer based home theatre systems, the technology is first available to those willing to pay for the latest and greatest.  With some added engineering, carefully chosen compromises, revised approaches, or just sheer volume, the technologies can be brought to wider audiences at lower prices.  Dolby Digital has seen this process; it is now followed by DTS technology.

Yamaha has recently released its TSS-1 surround sound system.  While offering it as an affordable solution, it is accompanied by an impressive interface section, including both Dolby Digital and DTS decoding capability.  Also, the unit serves as a receiver in some respects since it can select from multiple inputs - optical and coaxial SPDIF as well as a four channel analog connection.

On the acoustic side of the system, there are five satellites, each with two-inch drivers, accompanied by a five-inch woofer in the sub unit.  The sub also uses Yamaha's "Active Servo Technology" in an effort to increase bass output.  The entire package is offered in both black and white finishes, as denoted by a B or W on the model number, respectively. 

Specifications (courtesy of Yamaha):

Output Power

48W Total Power (6W per satellite x 5, 18W for subwoofer)

Frequency Response

40Hz - 20 kHz

Input Sensitivity

200mV (1kHz, 4 ohms at rated power)


2" cone for satellites, 5" driver for subwoofer

Speaker Modes

5.1 channel full scale; 4.1 channel surround; stereo


2" Digital inputs (1 optical, 1 coaxial); 2 analog inputs


Master volume, individual levels for center speaker, effects speakers, subwoofer; full-mute

Box Dimensions

16" (W) x 16" (H) x15" (D)

Box Weight

20.9 lbs.

Setup - Basics & Satellites


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