AnandTech Weekly Memory Prices
Memory Type - Size
PC2100 DDR - 256MB $289 $106 SpartanTech $11.00 UPS Ground
PC2100 DDR - 128MB $146 $18 PC Progress $14.00 UPS Ground
PC2100 DDR - 64MB $119 $18 AxionTech $7.50 UPS Ground
PC1600 DDR - 256MB $119 $25 Crucial $0.00 UPS 2nd Day
PC1600 DDR - 128MB $61 $16 Crucial $0.00 UPS 2nd Day
PC1600 DDR - 64MB $32 $17 Crucial $0.00 UPS 2nd Day
PC800 RDRAM - 256MB $426 $43 StarComponents $11.00 Liftetime warranty
PC800 RDRAM - 128MB $149 $14 StarComponents $11.00 Liftetime warranty
PC800 RDRAM - 64MB $79 $23 StarComponents $11.00 Liftetime warranty
VC133 - 128MB $86 $16 MWave $8.00 Priority Shipping
VC133 - 64MB $49 $4 MWave $8.00 Priority Shipping
PC150 CAS2 - 256MB $155 $4 Paragon Technology Check Vendor
PC150 CAS2 - 128MB $66 $2 AccessMicro $9.95 UPS Ground
PC133 CAS3 - 256MB $100 $10 AxionTech $7.50 UPS Ground
PC133 CAS3 - 128MB $52 $1 MWave $8.00 Priority Shipping
PC133 CAS3 - 64MB $29 $1 PC Progress $14.00 UPS Ground
PC133 CAS2 - 256MB $122 $21 Premier Systems $0.00 UPS Ground
PC133 CAS2 - 128MB $59 $3 Runtime Computer $10.49 UPS Ground
PC133 CAS2 - 64MB $32 $17 Crucial $0.00 UPS 2nd Day
PC100 ECC 128MB $54 $4 Jazz Technology USA Check Vendor UPS Ground
PC100 ECC 64MB $31 $2 AccessMicro $9.95 UPS Ground
PC100 512MB $242 $33 StarComponents $11.00 Lifetime Warranty
PC100 256MB $82 $9 Core Computer Inc Check Vendor UPS Ensured
PC100 128MB $49 $3 Jazz Technology USA Check Vendor UPS Ground
PC100 64MB $24 $0 Jazz Technology USA Check Vendor UPS Ground

Regardless of what memory type you're in the market for you'll definitely find a great price right now. As aforementioned earlier, prices have fallen for almost all of the memory modules that we list with some significant price drops with several types. Note that PC2100 256MB DDR SDRAM memory has fallen $106, a huge drop making DDR SDRAM more affordable than ever. As we have seen in the past RDRAM continues its downward fall in price making it more affordable and we will probably continue to see such drops as the P4 becomes more saturated in the marketplace.

Virtual channel memory has remained the same in price although most other PC133 and PC100 modules continue their descent in price.

Last week we saw that PC133 some PC133 modules shoot up in price but that's not the case this week as both PC133 and PC100 (CAS2 and CAS3) are all on the fall. If you'll notice almost every single PC133 and PC100 module has fallen in price, some more than others but nonetheless you can easily find great memory for excellent prices right now. Hopefully we will continue to see such drops in the future but as of now we cannot stress enough that now is the time to buy if you're in the market.

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