AnandTech Weekly Memory Prices
Memory Type - Size Price Change Vendor Shipping Promotion
PC2100 DDR - 256MB $379 NA AccessMicro $9.95 USPS Ground
PC2100 DDR - 128MB $127 $16 Crucial $5.50 Limited Quantity
PC2100 DDR - 64MB $71 $10 Crucial $5.50 Limited Quantity
PC1600 DDR - 256MB NA            
PC1600 DDR - 128MB $117 $17 Crucial $5.50 Limited Quantity
PC1600 DDR - 64MB $61 $8 Crucial $5.50 Limited Quantity
PC800 RDRAM - 256MB $415 $10 StarComponents $11.00 Lifetime Warranty
PC800 RDRAM - 128MB $167 $5 StarComponents $11.00 Lifetime Warranty
PC800 RDRAM - 64MB $89 $0 StarComponents $11.00 Lifetime Warranty
VC133 - 128MB $106 $0 MWave $8.00 Priority Shipping
VC133 - 64MB $53 $0 MWave $8.00 Priority Shipping
PC150 CAS2 - 256MB $169 NA MWave $8.00 Priority Shipping
PC150 CAS2 - 128MB $72 $13 MWave $8.00 Priority Shipping
PC133 CAS3 - 512MB $335 $42 StarComponents $11.00 ECC, Fedex Ground
PC133 CAS3 - 256MB $100 $3 AccessMicro $9.95 UPS Ground, $10 Rebate
PC133 CAS3 - 128MB $51 $3 Runtime Computer $10.50 UPS Ground
PC133 CAS3 - 64MB $25 $0 Paradise PC $10.50 UPS Ground
PC133 CAS2 - 256MB $171 $41 Crucial $5.50 Priority Shipping
PC133 CAS2 - 128MB $77 $28 Crucial $5.50 Priority Shipping
PC133 CAS2 - 64MB $49 $9 Crucial $5.50 Priority Shipping
PC100 ECC 128MB $76 $0 AxionTech $9.70 UPS Ground
PC100 ECC 64MB $34 $4 PC Progress $15.00 UPS Ground
PC100 512MB $289 $58 MemoryToGo $6.00 UPS Ground
PC100 256MB $112 $18 Upgrade Planet $9.70 UPS Ground
PC100 128MB $50 $2 Neutron USA $11.00 USPS Ground
PC100 64MB $21 $5 Upgrade Planet $9.70 UPS Ground

RDRAM continues to fall in price with a few modest drops among 256 and 128MB modules as more Pentium 4 solutions enter the market, making RDRAM more of a necessity for some users. Hopefully, as more manufacturers will support the P4, we will continue to see price drops making RDRAM more affordable since it is still quite expensive compared to other types of memory.

Crucial has upped the prices of DDR SDRAM modules in both the PC2100 and PC1600 flavors, illlustrating that this memory solution is probably gaining more attention, although not enough of it is being produced to satisfy the interest. Therefore we see that Crucial has taken advantage of the situation by increasing the price of DDR SDRAM in the range of 11 to 16 percent. That's just plain old supply and demand economics.

For this week virtual channel memory has been mostly quiet with no significant price changes, but many PC133 and PC100 modules have come down significantly in price. Note that PC133 CAS2 memory has taken a big plunge, which is a major plus for anyone looking for high-performance memory for a great price. It's probably safe to say that now is the best time to buy while these prices are low. Even PC100 is falling in price making it an eye-catcher for the budget-minded upgrade.

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