ALi has been very quiet for the past year.  Between Intel’s 815 and the VIA Apollo Pro 133A covering the Slot-1/Socket-370 end and VIA’s KX/KT133 providing Athlon users with a desirable solution, the ALi we were used to seeing around had all but disappeared.  A lot of people have almost forgotten about the existence of ALi, especially newcomers to the hardware enthusiast community.  However ALi is definitely working hard at coming back from a disappointing leave of absence from our radars, such is evident by their presence at this year’s Comdex.

At Computex a few months ago we mentioned that ALi had plans to produce DDR solutions for both Intel and AMD processors, with the focus being placed on their AMD solutions at first.  As the spotlights this year go to DDR technology, together with the fact that both AMD and VIA are pushing this technology, ALi did make a very good decision.  Now with VIA waiting until after the release of their Intel DDR solution before pushing their AMD offering, ALi does have a unique opportunity to step in and scoop up some lost territory.

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