ASUS V7100/T GeForce2 MX

by Matthew Witheiler on September 7, 2000 4:06 AM EST

Of the numerous Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers, ASUS has grown into quite an empire. Ever since ASUS's entrance into the video card market with the TNT based V3400, the company that originally got its name out by producing quality motherboards has expanded its market scope by becoming a large video card manufacturer as well. Beginning with this card, ASUS expanded their high quality and innovate product line into the video card market. Throughout the years ASUS has seen high sales of not only the V3400 but also almost all of the very successful V series in general.

With ASUS being one of the largest Taiwanese producers of NVIDIA based cards, it was no surprise to see them quickly expand their V series cards to include a GeForce2 MX based product. ASUS's entrance is marked with the V7100, a card that comes available in three models: the VGA only V7100/Pure, the VGA and TV-out V7100/T, and the VGA and DVI V7100/DVI. Each card comes in a variety of dual monitor features and is available in 16MB and 32MB configurations. We recently got a chance to take a look at the 32MB V7100/T, equipped with both composite and S-video TV-output as well as a standard VGA port. The last ASUS card we took a look at was the GeForce2 GTS based V7700 Pure, a card which faired extremely well in our GeForce2 GTS Roundup. Let's take a look and see if the V7100/T meets the high quality of standard that we have come to expect from ASUS.

Key Features

Second Generation GPU
Built in 16MB or 32MB frame buffer
High Performance 256-bit 2D
TwinView Architecture
High quality video acceleration:
Delivers the highest video quality
High-Quality Video Playback
Optimized for multiple color depths
  • Second Generation GPU - GeForce2 MX
    TwinView architecture
    Digital vibrance control
    Second generation transform and lighting engines
    NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer
    256-bit graphics architecture
    Up to 700 million texel fill rate
    Up to 20 million triangles/sec through T&L and setup
    Up to 2.7 GB/s memory bandwidth
  • Visually Stunning Interactive 3D
    Optimized DirectX and OpenGL acceleration
    4 texture-mapped, filtered, lit texels per clock cycle
    Single-pass multitexturing
    32-bit colors, Z/stencil buffer
    High quality texture filtering, including anisotropic
    Cube environment mapping
    S3 texture compression
    Maximum 3D resolution of 2048x1536 at 75 Hz
  • High Performance 256-bit 2D
    Optimized for multiple color depths including 32, 24, 16, 15, and 8-bits per pixel
    True-color hardware cursor
    Multibuffering for smooth animation and video playback
    Maximum 2D resolution of 2048x1536 at 75 Hz
  • TwinView Architecture (for TV-out Model Only)
    Simultaneous and independent dual-display control
    Simultaneous and independent dual-video support
    RGB monitor + TV
    Surf the web while watching a movie
    Play a 3D game on a big screen TV
  • High-Quality Video Playback
    Optimized for multiple color depths
    High-Definition Video Processor
    Independent hardware color controls for video overlay
    Hardware color space conversion
    8:1 upscaling and downscaling
    Per-pixel color keying
    Multiple video windows with hardware color space conversion and filtering
  • Software Bundle
    ASUS AGP-V7100 driver CD
    ASUSDVD Software DVD decoder
    Solider of Fortune
    3Deep Shareware
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