We have all heard the age-old tale, "backup your data". The number of personal backup devices out there now makes the decision of which one fits your budget/needs a difficult one. With the size of hard drives increasing, the need for larger backup devices is also increasing. The current average hard drive is in the 20GB range, so that trusty, old Colorado 240MB just doesn't cut it anymore :). Your choices for a new backup unit are vast and include companies such as: Iomega and CastleWood.


In the storage business since 1998, OnStream has produced some very proven products that fit just about everyone's needs. A while back, AnandTech took a look at the SC-50 drive, which targets the server market. This drive is still in our Lab and is running as if new. Adding to their product line, OnStream brought out the USB30 drive, which features 30GB of capacity, and a USB interface, making this drive very portable.

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