Editor's Choice AwardAfter all was said and done, there were two boards that stood out from the rest of the pack in terms of features and stability. After that, there's definitely a noticeable drop off in terms of stability and features in the other boards. Performance was pretty much a wash, with the differences less than 5% overall.

The ASUS CUSL2 was the most stable motherboard overall, running all of the out of spec configurations we threw at it without even flinching. Toss in the far and away best feature set in this roundup and it's no surprise that ASUS was able to maintain their Editor's Choice Gold status with the CUSL2. Like we said when we first looked at the CUSL2, ASUS has raised the bar once again, and it's going to be tough to beat them, much less match them.

The Microstar 815E Pro finishes a close second place, thanks primarily to top notch stability, expansion, and a very good feature set. The 815E Pro is an excellent board that comes in second only because there is an even better board out there (albeit only slightly better).

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