What's Changed

Luckily things have changed over the past 5 months, motherboards have been receiving more up to date BIOSes that are tweaked for both higher performance as well as increased stability. Another big difference between the Apollo Pro 133A boards that we are looking at now and those that populated the market 5 months ago is that the majority of the boards we're looking at in this roundup are Socket-370 boards whereas just 5 months ago the majority were Slot-1 solutions.

There's really no reason to stick with a Slot-1 motherboard now if you're building a new system; the only reason someone would is if they currently have a Slot-1 processor that they are planning to use with the new system.

The basics haven't changed much since we looked at boards based on the 133A chipset earlier this year, so if you want a rundown of what to look for in a VIA Apollo Pro 133A Board, visit our original roundup.

The boards we included this time around are, for the most part, all new comers with the exception of the ASUS P3V4X.

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