FSAA Screenshots - NFS5

Click the images to download the original files (*.tga)

No FSAA - Voodoo5 5500


2 Sample FSAA - Voodoo5 5500


4 Sample FSAA - Voodoo5 5500


FSAA 2x Resolution 2x MIPMaps HQ - GeForce 2 GTS


FSAA 4x Resolution 4x MIPMaps - GeForce 2 GTS

The Direct3D FSAA image quality results are pretty much the same, but here the NVIDIA cards get more FSAA settings. The Voodoo5 5500 still looks a bit washed out, but the anti-aliasing itself looks better at similar settings. Using NVIDIA's highest settings results in pretty much unplayable performance, so even though it looks about as good as 3dfx's 4X FSAA, it's not that useful.

FSAA Image Quality (OpenGL) Level of Detail (LOD)


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