The Quantum Fireball Plus LM line of hard drives are available in capacities of 10.2, 15.0, 20.5, and 30.0 GB’s. All the drives feature the Ultra ATA/66 interface, 10.2 GB per platter data densities and have 7200-RPM rotational speeds. In addition, all of the drives in the Quantum Fireball Plus LM share the following performance and physical specifications:

Quantum Fireball Plus LM Series

Seek Time (Track to Track)

0.8 ms

Seek Time (Average)

8.5 ms

Seek Time (Maximum)

15 ms

Average Latency

4.17 ms

Rotational Speed

7200 RPM

Controller Overhead

< 0.3 ms

Start Time (From stop to drive ready)

15 sec

Disk Transfer (To and from interface)

66.6 MB/sec

Disk Transfer (To and from media)

43.2 MB/sec

Buffer Size

2 MB 

Data Zones per Surface


Bytes per Sector/Block

Power Requirements/Environment
Seek 12.9 Watts
Read/Write 6.8 Watts
Idle 6.9 Watts
Standby 1.4 Watts
Acoustics at Idle 3.6 bel
Operating Temperature 5 – 55 C
The Drive The Test

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