Power Supply & Cooling

The power supply provided by Fong Kai with the FK-320ATX is the Enhance ATX-730. While Enhance isn't a household name (and who is with power supplies? ;), this was the same unit we received from SYS that fixed some power related issues with their Kryotech 1 GHz Athlon. This is a heavy duty unit that has given us no troubles in all of our testing, and it's, of course, on AMD's Athlon Approved Power Supply List. With a total power rating of 300W and up to 165W combined on the +5V and +3.3V power rails, it should be more than enough to power whatever you can squeeze into the FK-320ATX.

The 80 mm fan exhausts air out the back of the case in accordance with ATX 2.01 specifications. Air is actually drawn in from the front of the power supply in NLX fashion, but is nevertheless effective. They were wise enough to include a physical power switch on the back of the power supply that, although its not mandatory, can come in quite handy at times.

Our evaluation unit included a 92 mm exhaust fan at the rear that worked in conjunction with a duct system positioned directly over the CPU. The duct is simple enough to remove during installation, and has just enough clearance for a standard Slot-1 CPU. Users of slockets may need to remove the duct permanent, or modify it, to get their CPU's to fit. Xeon's will definitely require the removal of the duct, but fortunately, the position of the fan is already ideal for cooling the tall Xeon processors.

Down in the front of the case, a small bracket can take an additional fan. This bracket clips into the front of the case and features two sets of fan mounts - one for a 92 mm fan and the other for a monster 120 mm fan. Our evaluation unit included just the rear exhaust fan and was relatively quiet, running at about 58db.

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