The Heat Exchanger

The  heat exchanger, or "water block",  is the part of the watercooler the is in contact with the CPU, where the heat is transferred to the water. Here's a picture:

What secrets does this box reveal once it's opened? Here's another photo:

As you can see, the water flows through the heat exchanger in many meanders, which improves cooling performance.  Also notice the little bumps in the water channel - this anti-laminar flow design further improves heat transfer. Unfortunately, the diameter of the inlets is quite small (2.3mm); even with a powerful pump, water will flow through the cold plate quite slowly.

With the Senfu watercooler, there's no need to worry about leaks: The water block is absolutely leak-proof, and the attachment mechanism for fixing the tubes is very good; to prevent them from sliding off, they are secured using metal rings that can be screwed on the watercooler. Unfortunately, you can't use these rings for additional safety if you install the watercooler on an Athlon CPU, because otherwise only the rings around the tubes will touch the Athlon thermal transfer plate and not the base plate of the heat exchanger. However, even without the silver rings, the system is leak-proof.

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