Advanced Visualizer (AWadvs-03) Viewset

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Advanced Visualizer from Alias/Wavefront is an integrated workstation-based 3D animation system that offers a comprehensive set of tools for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, image composition, and video output. All operations within Advanced Visualizer are performed in immediate mode with double buffered windows. There are four basic modes of operation within Advanced Visualizer:

  • 55% material shading (textured, z-buffered, backface-culled, 2 local lights)
    • 95% perspective, 80% trilinear mipmapped, modulated (41.8%)
    • 95% perspective, 20% nearest, modulated (10.45%)
    • 5% ortho, 80% trilinear mipmapped, modulated (2.2%)
    • 5% ortho, 20% nearest, modulated (.55%)
  • 30% wireframe (no z-buffering, no lighting)
    • 95% perspective (28.5%)
    • 5% ortho (1.5%)
  • 10% smooth shading (z-buffered, backface-culled, 2 local lights)
    • 95% perspective (9.5%)
    • 5% ortho (.5%)
  • 5% flat shading (z-buffered, backface-culled, 2 local lights)
    • 95% perspective (4.75%)
    • 5% ortho (.25%)

SPECviewperf's first test using the Advanced Visualizer (AWadvs-03) viewset simulates the usage of a workstation level 3D animation setup, and the most obvious point is that the Athlon on an AMD 750 chipset, even with SuperBypass enabled is performing 30% slower than an equivalently clocked Pentium III on a BX setup. This is where the KX133 truly shines, in professional level applications that are very memory intensive and take advantage of the AGP 4X capabilities of the chipset for transferring geometry data to the graphics controller.

SPECviewperf Test Description DesignReview (DRV-06) Viewset

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