The Crossfire package was well-thought out in terms of user functionality and features. All the speakers connect using standard speaker wire - no 1/8 inch adapters. For the front speakers, the wire is 6 ft long for each, and same for the sub. For the rear, a 20-foot cable is used for each speaker. The amplifier uses RCA inputs for 2 of the 3 inputs, while the 3rd is a standard 1/8 inch stereo jack. All RCA connections are gold plated for maximum signal quality. What a great setup! Not only can you plug in your speakers, but you have another RCA input jack at the rear and a 1/8 inch input jack on the front of the amplifier. To top this off, there is also a 1/8 inch headphone jack right on the front of the amplifier as well as a Quad button used when you have stereo signal hooked into Input 2 or Input 3. It duplicates the signal from the front speakers to the rear speakers for "Quad" sound. And, the user has control of the volume, sub volume, fade and source from the amplifier (the source selector is located on the front panel of the amplifier).

Amplifier Front

Amplifier Rear

This is one serious set of Hi-Fi speakers. These speakers should not be confused for just another set of "off the shelf" four speaker kits. VideoLogic seems to have to put a lot of time and research into putting the proper components together to make a fantastic 4.1 solution. The VideoLogic Crossfire's MSRP is $449 USD. Rumour has it the street price will be below $399.00, which is still higher than most other 4.1 solutions, but considering the features and quality in its package, it is a reasonable price. Although, it would not hurt for the price to come down a little, which it eventually will. Some of you are probably going to wonder if these are better than the Klipsch. Based on the tests performed on the Crossfires, the answer is "yes". The sound quality is definitely more crisp. Even when the amplifier was turned all the way up, there was barely any distortion, and barely any background hiss either - something some of the Klipsch ProMedias tend to have. All in all, you can't go wrong with these speakers. Even though this is a very well-designed package, I have only one gripe: the speaker grills - it's too easy to dent the paper cones.

For their impeccable performance, quality construction and sound clarity, the VideoLogic Sirocco Crossfire speakers are awarded the AnandTech Gold Medal.

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