Sound Quality
The most important part of a speaker is, of course, the quality of its output (i.e. how well it sounds). Enough can't be said for the quality of these speakers. There is a crispness about these speakers that will send tingles down your spine.

The treble for the satellites is provided by a 10mm Audax tweeter. Treble reproduction is excellent, clear and crisp, and most importantly, accurate. A lot of the PC speakers on the market today seem to "color" the signal, while the Crossfire excels at reproducing the signal as close as possible to how the sound was originally recorded.

Mid-range The mid-range speakers are 3" Audax drivers, which sound as good as a mid-range from a system worth four times the price. One song that really brings out the mid-range in these speakers is the acoustic version of Hotel California by the Eagles. The sound of Don Felder and Glenn Frey on their acoustic guitars is incredible.

Subwoofer The subwoofer is a 6.5" Audax polymer dome driver in a solid black MDF (medium density fiberboard) enclosure with a grill protecting it. The sub delivers punchy deep bass that does more than its job in delivering accurate reproduction of the frequency range, 30 Hz to 130 Hz.



This is a feature often overlooked by many, but should be addressed. The amplifer is one of the most vital components in any speaker setup. The Crossfire amplifier uses one amplifier for each channel, so each speaker is amplified separately, resulting in a cleaner lower distortion signal. The transformer used is a dual rail Torodial transformer with 28000µF of smoothing capacitance. What is a Torodial transformer? In many of the PC speaker amplifiers, the transformer used is an E-Core transformer. This is a rather inefficient transformer that does not contain the magnetic field as well as the Torodial transformer. The Torodial transformer is twice as efficient as the E-Core transformer. This is due to its ability to contain the magnetic field in the transformer, and thus, resulting in a better signal to noise ratio. "28000µF smoothing capacitance" essentially means that the output is continually being smoothed so that if a sudden current draw occurs, the capacitors will discharge to keep the current flow steady. If you didn't understand all of that, then in laymen's terms, VideoLogic did not go on the more inexpensive route for the internals of this amplifier.

Amplifier Case

Amplifier Inners

Torodial Transformer

28000µF of Smoothing Capacitance
Index Performance
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