Sound Quality
In assessing the sound quality, 6 areas of interest were considered: Treble, Mid-range, Bass, Gaming, Music, and Movies.

One word: Clear. Very much like most of the higher end speaker packages we have looked at here at AnandTech. The treble was very clear, and precise. Each sound in the high frequency range was replicated very well, and in a clean and full manner.

The mid-range was replicated in the same manner as the treble - very clear. One impressive thing is the separation of the treble and mid-range - it was very good coming from a one-speaker system.


The bass was adequate. The subwoofer reminded me of the Cambridge Soundworks 2000 and 2500 lines. Some have reported that the bass wasn't heard at all, which is definately untrue. The bass is there, but not at the same level as the Klipsch or some other bass boomers; there is no doubt that it is there. The bass isn't quite so loud and boomy as some would like perhaps because of the box design. It's about as simple as you can get for a subwoofer box design. It's a single 6.5" wooder in a MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) enclosure with two ports firing out the top of the box. You can see this quite clearly in the shot I took of the inside of the sub cabinet.

After playing countless hours of Need For Speed High Stakes and Unreal Tournament (A favorite), the speakers performed very well considering all aspects of immersing the user in a 3D Audio environment.

Music sounded good. A little more bass would be nice; but overall, the sound quality was very good. The sound was similar to that of the Cambridge 2500s, yet only a little more volume was present.

The S4 7100s are equipped with inputs for various configurations, including 5.1 in. Now this 5.1 is for decoder input, meaning you have to have an external Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder. So you could use a home dvd player that has a decoder built in, or just a standalone decoder. The standalone decoders will run you about $200 USD for an average decoder. The 7100s worked very well just playing dvd movies through normal stereo mode. 5.1 won't be much different in quality except for the fact that the you will have true 5.1 seperation.

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