Visual Quality
This unit operates just as good as Cybex states, which is rare these days. Testing for a KVM is simply plugging it in and running it at some different resolutions @ refresh rates, while examining the image quality. I did just that, and was very impressed. Until 1600X1280 @ 75hz, there was barely any ghosting whatsoever. What is ghosting? Ghosting is when you see a little shadow of the image or text beside the actual image or text. Comparing this unit's performance in visual quality to a Belkin is like night and day. The AnandTech lab uses Belkin KVM's and the visual quality is not very good at all. There's a lot of ghosting, which makes for a poor image. Now one thing to keep in mind is you are still connecting through another device to get your video signal. That being said, if you are a Graphic Artist or someone that demands perfect image quality, a KVM is probably not for you.

This unit has everything except OSD (On Screen Display), but Cybex has some other models up from the SwitchView that have this feature. I really can't think of anything you could need that this unit does not have.

After working in a server environment for two years where we used Compaq KVM units, this Cybex is a dream. I would recommend this unit to anyone having the need for a KVM unit. It provides you with all of the features you could need to control multiple PC's, and with great image quality as well.

Functionality & Specs

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