MC1000 Introduction
This is the entry level cooler of the MC cooler line. The cooler has a single 72-Watt thermoelectric device (TEC). If you observe the picture (right), you can see what the MC1000 looks like. The TEC is attached to the heatsink and comes in direct contact with the CPU when you bolt on the back plate. The CPU is sealed in between the heatsink and the back plate using neoprene gaskets, which make a perfect seal. The only negative thing about this cooler is the fact that on some motherboards it will block a couple of DIMM slots, and in extreme cases, may not even fit. One very innovative thing about this cooler is it is a Slot 1 "universal" design. So when you upgrade your cpu from, say, a Celeron Slot-1 to a Pentium 3, you just order a new back plate.
MC1000 Cooler click to enlarge

I was thoroughly impressed with the outstanding quality of this unit. It performed just fantastic in our tests. The metal used on the heatsink is professionally machined, and is just simply beautiful. To cool the heat sink, Swiftech uses two military-spec 33 CFM fans. When powered up, they produce approximately 43 DB of noise, which did not bother me at all when the case was closed. The operating specification for the MC1000 is -5 ?C to + 12 ?C - try that with conventional air cooling :) I would describe this unit as a work of art. Throughout the tests we did not notice any condensation problems from the MC1000, although there are some extra precautions you can take which are mentioned on Swiftechs web page.

MC1000 vs MC2000

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MC1000 Sloket w/Gasket

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MC1000 Size & Space

This image shows an MC2000, but gives you an idea of how much space the cooler will take up on your motherboard.

We tested this unit with three different types of CPUs: Slot-1 Celerons, PPGA Celerons, and a Slot-1 Pentium 3. The unit supports the full range of processors Pentium 3, Pentium 2, Celeron Slot-1, Celeron PPGA. Mounting the CPUs to the unit was quite simple. The huge Allen key screws made the installation a breeze. Each cooler ships with all the necessary hardware for the CPU you specify and instructions for proper installation. It is very important to follow these instructions to achieve the results that these coolers deliver on. In all of tests we conducted, the performance of the MC1000 was stunning to say the least; the unit performed on spec.


Peltier thermo electric pump, 40mm square, 72 watts
Dual "Military Specs" 60x60mm fans, 33 CFM (Cubic Foot per Minute) each, for a total of 66 CFM - Rotation speed: 6850 RPM - Noise level: 43 DB - No tachometer
5" x 2.5" aluminum heat sink, with 350 3/4" needles and a massive 1/2" base for a volumetric efficiency of 0.17 C/W
Dimensions: 5" x 2.5" x 2 3/4" (incl. fans)
Operating Temperature Range: -5 Celsius to +12 Celsius, depending on CPU load and ambient temperature.
Price $119

Test System
Throughout the tests on this unit I used the following:
ABIT BX6 R2 - MN Bios
64MB PC133 Corsair Ram
Quantum 7.2EL
Voodoo3 3000
Full Tower Case

Index MC1000 Booting Into Windows - Part 1

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