The Test

For full details on how we tested, please read AnandTech's case testing methodology.

As mentioned earlier, the A-Top 588 does not include a secondary case fan from the factory and it was tested in this configuration.

CPU temperature rose to a considerably higher level that the Palo Alto ATCX, approximately 10F hotter. The temperature actually started at approximately the same resting level, but quickly rose as the CPU was used more and more.

The ambient case temperature rose to a level comparable to that of the Palo Alto ATCX without an additional fan and was considerably hotter than any of the ATCX's other configurations. We see essentially the same effect with the HDD temperatures.

The same observations are observed in the average temperatures over 3 hours. The CPU temperature is quite a bit hotter than the ATCX without a fan, while case temp is slightly higher and HDD temp slightly lower.

Design Noise & Final Words

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