One word comes into mind with the FPS2000's: "Versatile". The speakers are in a well rounded package with all kinds of features that make them unique. First of all, the volume control for these speakers is a separate control unit that controls the volume and the fade. My only complaint is that the volume control unit does not allow for the sub's bass level to be adjusted; that would have iced the cake. Another feature I found great is the fact that all of the satellites use standard speaker wire; so you can ditch the cheap speaker wire and get some decent gauged wire and position the satellites wherever you want. Since there are four speakers in this package, you are probably wondering where you put the two rear speakers. The speakers come with a set of stands for the rear. They are 18" plastic legs that make two tripods.
That's right - 18"; a little too short, if you ask me. To get a proper surround setup, the speakers should be close to ear level while you're sitting down. During all the tests, the speakers were on the stands; otherwise, this would not be an accurate review. All in all, these speakers are extremely versatile. The only downfalls were the short stands and the lack of sub control on the volume control unit.

Quick Look

Cambridge Soundworks
Four Point Surround
Digital Speakers

The Good
$199.99 MSRP

+ Crisp & Clean reproduction of high and mid frequencies
+ Punchy deep lows
+ Realistic 3D sound
The Bad

- Short stands
- Lack of sub control on the volume knob

Cambridge has put together a fantastic set of speakers here. These speakers deliver in all areas: sound, price and functionality. For $199.99 MSRP, you are getting a feature-packed, quality set of speakers. So if you are in the market for a set of good speakers, go out buy them and wake up the neighbors ;)

Sound Quality
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