As with most Super7 motherboards, the P5F110 features a fully jumper driven CPU setup.  The documented settings include clock multipliers ranging from 1.5 to 5.5x and voltages ranging from 2.1v to 3.5v in 0.2v increments, meaning that the 2.4v required by the K6-3 is supported.   The clock generator aboard the P5F110 supports a unique variety of FSB settings most unofficially, the list is composed of the 60/66/70/75/80/83/95/100/105/110/115/120/124MHz settings, with the 95/105MHz settings coming in handy for use with the K6-2 333 and the K6-2 475 processors.  The overclocking potential of the P5F110 is above average with the amount of voltage tweaking and FSB tweaking that is possible. 

As far as hardware monitoring features go, the P5F110 falls pretty short.  With only one on-board thermistor, placed in the middle of the Socket-7 CPU interface, monitoring the temperature of your system as a whole isn't too possible.  The hardware monitoring controller aboard the P5F110 does allow for both on-board fans to be monitored, as well as the standard set of voltages which can come in handy if you're diagnosing potential problems regarding voltage supplied to your CPU for example.  Provided with the P5F110 is a hardware monitoring interface for Win9x.  Along with that disk, the on-chip Trident Blade 3D is supported via two drivers disks, one for Windows 9x, and the other for Windows NT/2000.  The inclusion of a working Windows 2000 driver is an interesting addition to an otherwise seemingly unsupported VGA adapter.  Freetech also includes a copy of VIA's Bus Mastering drivers, their AGP GART drivers, and the Award Flash Utility.   Not a bad handful there. 

The stability of the P5F110 wasn't an issue at all, actually the board performed quite well and exceeded all expectations as the setup and configuration of the board was a breeze as was the burn-in testing process.  Kudos to Freetech on a job well done in designing the motherboard, it's too bad that not more "high-end" Super7 motherboards aren't designed with the same reliability as this integrated MVP4 solution was designed with.  Although the board is a far cry from being a rock solid server solution, it is definitely a decent offering, much more than you'd expect from a company like Freetech. 

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