The Move to Micro-ATX

It was strange to see Inwin at the CES Unveiled event, but at least one item caught our eye. It's a micro ATX gaming chassis:

In Win had a Radeon HD 5970 mounted in the case to show that you can accommodate even the longest cards. Two of them would work if you wanted.

It's made possible by moving the HDD bays to the very bottom of the case. There's not much room for a ton of drives, but honestly these days it's not necessary given the capacity of 3.5" drives. There's a single 5.25" bay up top and two 3.5" bays at the bottom of the case.

Add GPS to your iPod Touch

Apple created a huge accessory market with the iPod and the trend continues with the iPod Touch. A company called Dual demonstrated a GPS cradle with GPS receiver and speaker to turn your iPod Touch into a portable nav device.

The software is NavAtlas from the iTunes App store and seemed to work well in person. It was snappy but the true test will be how this thing fares on the go.

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  • jmurbank - Wednesday, January 06, 2010 - link

    What I did not expect to read from your article was the introduction of Netbook or you called it a Smartbook that is very, very thin. Even that thin of a device, Intel Atom processors can not fit with out over heating. It is a sure thing that it uses an ARM processor and Marvell is showing their ARM Cortex processor that they introduced a few months ago.

    I expected a USB 3 device to be explained. USB is a pathetic connection compared to IEEE-1394 if you want high bandwidth and almost instant access. Also USB is even more pathetic against SATA or eSATA. USB to this day requires a black art in programming to make it work well in latency and bandwidth benchmarks. USB 3 will not fix any problems that anybody is hoping. It causes more problems such as people coming into Linux forums and whining about their USB can not provide a high bandwidth that they usually get in another operating system.
  • sprockkets - Wednesday, January 06, 2010 - link

    There are so many of these new set top boxes on the market, most even claim full compatibility with mkv and vorbis and h264 at the highest levels.

    You should get a few of them and make a review.
  • jdietz - Wednesday, January 06, 2010 - link

    The FreeAgent Theater+ HD does not impress me. The only research I did was check Seagate's website for the specs. I watch mostly subtitled Japanese anime (sorry) so I need a box that supports a large variety of subtitles. The Seagate unit doesn't support ASS (sorry guys) which is a very common subtitle format. WD TV HD is a product line from Western Digital which does include this support. The docking station is nice and all, but doesn't really interest me as a feature. All products in this category will play nice with an FAT or NTFS formatted USB drive. Reply
  • jdietz - Wednesday, January 06, 2010 - link

    What makes it a gaming case? Micro-ATX cases have been available for awhile. It's no problem to put high end components in there and call it a gaming box. I used the now pretty old Antec NSK2400 case for mine.

    What's really impossible is a mini-ITX gaming case. Now that I'd like to see. I think a different recent article was talking about a mini-ITX motherboard and how there are no chassis for it.

    Boxee Box is a strange name for a product. It seems...redundant.
  • HotFoot - Wednesday, January 06, 2010 - link

    It's a gaming case because it's designed to fit the video card, really. Actually, this is pretty much exactly the layout I'd be wanting to replace my hefty P182 when the time finally comes to upgrade. My remaining question would be how much room is there for a proper tower cooler like the TRUE120. Reply
  • Taft12 - Wednesday, January 06, 2010 - link

    If the case is wide enough for an ultra high-end video card, it should be wide enough for a tower cooler. I also think this looks like a terrific product and am happy to see more migration to micro-ATX and ITX. Reply
  • fyres - Wednesday, January 06, 2010 - link

    can view non-DRM content, that is nice!
    like the overall design.
    btw, there are live discussions at 7pm PST at throughout CES, join share your opinions on CES news.
  • blyndy - Wednesday, January 06, 2010 - link

    The second usb cable plugin into the card for power might have been the only way to make it work but it's cluttery and tangly. I would wait for native usb3, I don't like dealing with lots of cables and expresscards waiting to be snapped off.

    I'm waiting for SSDs powered only by the usb3 cable, like the OCZ one.
  • blyndy - Wednesday, January 06, 2010 - link

    I definitely like the increased support for micro-ATX. When I put my ATX mid-tower next to my mATX tower it's like looking at an old 486 motherboard next to a modern motherboard.

    I would like to see a few more windows in mATX cases though, there don't seem to be many (good ones). I think the inwin case layout would be especially good for a case window.
  • semo - Wednesday, January 06, 2010 - link

    I think USB 3 should be the big news at CES.
    I like the seagate kit but why only 500GB limit? for such high price i'd expect more

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