Next April AnandTech will celebrate its 13th anniversary. Like many review sites that started in the 1990s, I started AnandTech by reviewing motherboards. And boy did I review them. I believe by the time I handed off motherboards to Michael Andrawes, I had written just over 200 board reviews.

Motherboards soon paved the way to video card reviews, hard disks, cases, and just about everything that went in, around or near your PC. These days we're even writing about things like the backstory of ATI's RV770, reviewing the Palm Pre and even posting about Epic porting the Unreal Engine to the iPhone.

In the past couple of years, SSDs have become my passion - one of many it seems. But I need help. We've kept a very small but focused team at AnandTech throughout the years, which was reflected in our coverage. I always wanted to strive to be the best at what I did. Now I believe it's time to expand what we do.

The PC market is expanding, but not in the way you'd expect. Processing power and storage are ridiculously cheap today. The result is devices like smartphones, set top boxes and even TVs can have the processing power of a PC from several years ago. In the quest to make everything easier to use the devices around us are getting more complex.

And it's not going to stop. While we're not quite looking for people to review x86 toasters quite yet, we do need passionate, motivated and informed people to help us cover it all. Hence today's call for writers.

With the new site launching in Q1 2010 (it wouldn't be fair if we faulted hardware companies for being late and ourselves were able to launch a new product on time :)…) we are looking for new writers to help cover some of the segments we're looking to address.

What I'm looking for is one of the following:

1) A sample of a product review you've written. This can be any product in the categories mentioned below, the review can follow any format and be of any length. Ultimately your content would live on AnandTech, so take a look at our reviews and how we do things and keep that in mind as you submit your sample. You don't need complete testing. If you don't have things to compare the product being reviewed to just outline how you would test, what tests you'd run, what you'd compare to and how. Obviously the more complete your sample is, the better it looks :)

2) A sample guide. This can be a how to, a tutorial, or anything of the sort. I'd caution you against submitting a guide to building a PC, try to do something a bit more unique.

3) A sample analysis piece/column/editorial. This would be something similar to our iPhone 3GS Hardware Analysis, an analysis of how Cool n Quiet works or how SSD wear leveling works. Again, these are just examples, think of something creative on your own :)

4) A sample set of blog/news posts. We're looking to bring back some tech news to AT with the new site. Submit a handful of interesting stories along with your brief analysis. These can be product announcements, interesting revelations around the web, drawing attention to a forum post, etc...

We're looking for folks to help cover the following categories:

- CPUs
- Motherboards
- GPUs
- SSDs/Storage
- SoCs
- Netbooks/Notebooks
- Gadgets & Smartphones
- Nettops/Desktops
- Memory
- Displays
- Cases/Cooling/PSUs
- Mac
- General Tech

Take your pick from the article types and categories above and send us something :)

Send all submissions to callforwriters AT anandtech DOT com. In your submission be sure to let us know what country/region/state/planet you're from (AT writers are global) and give us some background about yourself - your interests, what you're passionate about or anything else you'd like us to know. I've always found that the best writers are those who are passionate about the subject they're covering, and that's exactly what I'm looking for. It's passion that kept me going for the past 13 years, and I expect it holds true for anyone else doing this kind of work.

We won't be able to respond to all submissions but if we like what you've submitted and there's a fit for you on the team, we'll be in touch :)

Take care,



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  • yacoub - Saturday, January 2, 2010 - link

    Is Gary Key still writing for Anandtech? I noticed he hasn't posted in a while and his email address @anandtech bounced today, though I've successfully emailed him there before.

    If he left, where did he go? If he didn't, good, because his motherboard reviews are usually superb and very much appreciated.
  • eXistenZ - Wednesday, December 30, 2009 - link


    I just wanna ask, i have done some reviews in my life and i am assembling PCs for the largest Slovak PC forum, but there lies the problem. Im from Slovakia. I can speak and write in English, but all reviews of mine are in Slovak language. Is there ANY chance by hiring a reviewer from Slovakia? :)
  • Holly - Wednesday, December 30, 2009 - link

    If you check the original post and comments you can find out AT doesn't even care if you are from Earth as long as you write good bits... at least that's how I understand it. And hope for.. being your westwards neighbor :-) Reply
  • ScavengerLX - Monday, December 28, 2009 - link

    Is there a particular date the positions need to be filled by? Reply
  • ricmalta - Monday, December 28, 2009 - link

    Hello guys
    I´m a hold reader of anandtech and before Christmas I've start reading some comments, and i thing that a new section about programing about API's, game programing and programing areas that everyone thinks:
    "How that think works!!" and "It is possible to optimize" or "Amazing!! Can i do something like that?!" thinks like programing with nVidia CUDA!

    There aren´t many places with this type of content and focus.

    Ricardo Malta, PT
  • superuser - Saturday, December 26, 2009 - link

    Would it be alright to send an email with review in .pdf as attachment? Reply
  • Holly - Saturday, December 26, 2009 - link

    I guess having roommates (living on uni housing) would not go well with all the NDAs on fresh hardware right? Reply
  • SciReal - Friday, December 25, 2009 - link

    I started a website in the 90's on Geocities, reviewing textbooks on all aspects of filmmaking. I was once a member of AnandTech, but stopped reading when I found a profane thread by men who hated to work with women in "forums". Instead, I lurked on Tom's Hardware while I taught myself to build computers using online sites like AMD's DIY. The laugh is, I too dislike working with other women, but don't find it worth my time to be that profane about it.

    Product review writers only? The unanswered equipment issue
    is important.

    1) Equipment: This question is important because many good writers couldn't afford the hardware for benchmark testing. The $ issue is what keeps many women from competing in computing to begin with.

    2) Technology & online marketing is going to be a bigger issue
    as a House Subcommittee in Commerce has noted. Reviews that include
    how hardware marketing campaigns are working and the relationship to individual tracking technology would go far to help people understand their little worlds. Or..grr have I just watched BladeRunner too many times?

    "Where's the Beef?" Wendy.
    3)If someone wants to write about NASA's technology, that's
    a dangerous place to go if you aren't also writing about ELF or
    other political and military uses for technology known to be
    associated with satellite technology.
  • EagleDM - Friday, December 25, 2009 - link

    I worked for almost 7 years now, my work there came to a stop when I moved to a far distant place in my country so I'm available.

    All of my reviews are there

    here are some examples:">">">

    if you're interested contact me at:

    PD: My native language is Spanish but I can perfectly write in English.
  • SSS - Friday, December 25, 2009 - link

    Would it be a problem if the person still writes for another site? (Not your case, just asking). Reply

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