The Test

In recent times, choosing a motherboard cannot be completely determined by a Winstone score. Now, many boards come within one Winstone point of each other and therefore the need to benchmark boards against each other falls. Therefore you shouldn't base your decision entirely on the benchmarks you see here, but also on the technical features and advantages of this particular board, seeing as that will probably make the greatest difference in your overall experience.

AnandTech Motherboard Testing Methodology

Test Configuration

Processor(s): Intel Celeron 300
RAM: 1 x 64MB Mushkin PC100 SDRAM
1 x 64MB Memory-Man PC100 SDRAM
Hard Drive(s): Western Digital Caviar AC35100 - UltraATA
Video Card(s): On-Board SiS 620 VGA
Bus Master Drivers: Microsoft Win98 DMA Drivers
Video Drivers: SiS 620 1.01
Operation System(s): Windows 98
Motherboard Revision: FIC CE31-A Pre-Release

Windows 98 Performance

Winstone Quake 2
Business 99 Quake 2 demo1.dm2 crusher.dm2
Intel Celeron 300 16.1 12 8.2
Intel Celeron 427.5 20 17.3 12.2

The Final Decision

As a low cost board, the CE31-A proves to be a decent solution, however just as a mirror to the high-priced motherboard market, the perfect low-cost motherboard has yet to be found...

How it Rates

AnandTech Motherboard Rating

Performance 80%
Price 92%
Ease of Use 85%
Overclocked Stability 80%
General Stability 80%
Quality 75%
Documentation 85%
Reliability 75%
Overall Rating 82%

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  • mitr_ur_friend - Sunday, October 3, 2010 - link

    i have system with
    - intel celeron 500mhz cpu
    - pine technologies (tls 622-23) motherboard
    the motherboard details are -
    - sis 620/5595 chipset based
    - 3 x 256 mb pc 133 sdram
    - 3 PCI and 2 ISA slots
    - onboard 64 bit 3D AGP
    - max 8 MB frame buffer memory shared from system memory
    450 w smps

    now if i want to disable onboard AGP and add a PCI external graphics card, is it possible to do so today in 2010 with this old configuration from year 1999?

    if yes, thanks for suggestions about the names of compatible graphics card available today.

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