Miscellaneous Considerations

It is interesting that Enlight has chosen to not include a speaker or reset button with the EN-7308. There is a mount at the bottom of the case for a speaker should you want to add one. On the front of the case, there is only a power button, power LED, and HD LED. The lack of a hard reset button could become a pain - if your system ever locks up and requires a hard reset, you'll have to power the system off and back on.


Quick Look

Enlight EN-7308
Mini Tower

The Good

$49.95 MSRP

+ Elegant bezel design
Tiny case
+ High quality construction
+ Inexpensive

The Bad

- No reset button
- Non-removable standoffs
- No speaker included

In the interest of cost savings, Enlight has taken out a lot of the features that made their cases unique. Fortunately, quality construction has not been sacrificed at all to keep those costs. As such, you will be hard pressed to find a higher quality case near this price. However, beyond that, there is very little that distinguishes this case, but the majority of microATX cases do not feature side panels, extra fan mounts, etc. anyway in the interest of cost savings, so this is no surprise. The Enlight EN-7308 accomplishes its goals - a low cost microATX case that does not sacrifice construction quality. If that is what you need, the EN-7308 may well be the case for you.


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