There was a difference at this year's CES: fewer companies with coolers, chassis, and power supplies were actually on the show floor and more in suites around the Strip. This is why we have toured hotel suites for the first couple of days and didn't even come close to the actual show floor until Saturday. Some companies had many new products to show or at least initial samples. Some others came with products that already launched and didn't show anything new. Antec is one of the companies with a whole new lineup of products, the P1000 chassis perhaps being the most interesting.

Antec's New P1000 Gamer Chassis

Antec is showing off their new P1000 at this year's CES. It's a new gamer chassis that Antec put a lot of work into creating. Even though this chassis is still in development it could be out very soon. Antec showed it at the show to get feedback from editors and customers and it seems that feedback was very positive so far. Please give us your thoughts about in the comment section, and you can be sure Antec will see them.

The chassis has a metal structure covered with plastic sheets to improve the appearance. The surface is rough instead of smooth, which we found appealing. There are handlebars on all four corners to aid in moving the case around, with the chassis standing on the two on the bottom.

The venting concept seems to be very cool and we are looking forward to testing it. The front is totally closed and the air comes in through the large openings on the sides. Antec wants to keep larger openings facing away from the user to keep noise down. The side panel has another large fan installed with the opening angled towards the back - again to keep noise from projecting at the user. The top has a 200mm fan that exhausts most of the air from the chassis. The back sports another 120mm fan at the height of the CPU to help exhaust air.

Antec installed three hard drive cages, each supporting three vertically mounted hard drives. The bays are easily removable to the front. (Please note that the fan on the one picture of the drive bay is installed facing the wrong direction). The inside of the chassis is all black. You will be able to install a normal ATX size power supply or Antec's own standard like the CP-850. We do hope this case is available soon, with a price of around $200 to $250.

Power Supplies: CP-850, a New Earthwatts, and a New TruePower

Antec is one of the first retail brands to say good-bye to the normal ATX standard - at least on one of their products. The CP-850 uses Antec's own standard that is basically just a taller casing for the power supply. With this design Antec is able to stick a large 120mm fan at the front of the PSU to push air through the power supply. There are two main PCBs inside as we have seen in the Signature series. The taller construction also enables Antec to choose larger components that are obviously cheaper than special smaller ones that fit in normal sized power supplies. That means the CP-850 should be cheaper than other power supplies with the same specs, with the big disadvantage that it won't fit in any cases other than some of Antec's latest offerings.

The Earthwatts and TruePower series both extend to 750W with the EA-750 and TP-750 Blue, and the TruePower Quattro comes now with up 1200W. We have seen this model before and we hope it's finally ready to ship to the retail market. In general, we see more high-wattage power supplies these days from Antec; we hope the company doesn't forget the smaller wattage offerings that many have come to appreciate.

OCZ with New Power Supplies
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  • KaosFaction - Sunday, January 18, 2009 - link

    In the pictures for the Zalman CNPS9900 LED (first cooler), can anyone identify the case that was being used?

  • Christoph Katzer - Sunday, January 18, 2009 - link

    You mean the picture in which the cooler is actually running? That's a GS1000 chassis.
  • Casper42 - Friday, January 16, 2009 - link

    Surprised no one commented on the P1000 having 8 PCI Slots.

    I think this is a great move on their part as it allows your bottom most Mobo slot on a standard ATX mobo to contain a double wide card like most decent Video Cards.

    Alot of the x58 boards on the market seem to have an x16 slot on the bottom because they give up slots towards the CPU due to the CPU and NB being so big on 1366.
    I think they intended for that to only be a PhysX card, but now you could sneak Triple SLI in there as well.

    So Kudos to Antec for releasing an 8 slot'er and not forcing people to buy a monstrous 10 slot chassis to fix this problem.
  • Average Joe - Friday, January 16, 2009 - link

    It's a decent review. The case looks alright. I agree with WillR in a lot of respects. I'm not 14 years old any more. I don't really want a case like the Antec Skeleton. If I was 14 I would definitely buy some extreme case like the skeleton. If I was selling cases I would certainly go after the gaming market with radical designs and lighting effects. I'm not trying to be critical.
    I want a case that's above all small and quiet. My ideal case would have 1 slimline external bay for a DVD and room for 1 or 2 Hard drives inside. I would like it to hold a power supply that can run a decent graphics card like a GTX280. I don't want a slim line case because I want to use a full size cards in it. I just want a shorter tower. I keep my tower on my desk. I have 2 dogs and a cat. My tower would choke on hairballs if I set it on the floor.

    I know heat is an issue but why not have 2 huge slow fans instead of 6 little fast ones? This case looks like it does that but so many other cases out there don't. I own a RaidMax case that has at least 6 fans in it. It sounds like a leaf blower and the LED's glow so brightly that I can't read the Hard Drive indicator lights unless I get out of my chair and cup my hands over them. I bought it because it was and Editor choice award winner.

    I looked at the Antec Mini P180 but I dislike the door that covers all the bays. Why does every after market case have a door covering the drive bays. Why is that door always the cheapest plastic door they can find. We don't even want the door.

    A protective cover for your 20 dollar DVD drive and a window showing the burglar your 500 dollar graphics card.

    I'll probably just end up buying a Sonata 550 Plus. I'll leave you with a few requests.

    Make me a Sonatta 550 plus with 2 or 3 fewer drive bays and the same PSU.

    Make me a Micro-ATX case that doesn't have any unnecessary doors and a decent power supply.

    Make me a Mini-ITX case with a decent power supply that I can buy a standardized replacement for someday.

    Don't you dare start making not standard form factor PSU's for your cases.

    Look at the ITX market. The PSU blows out and you basically have to buy a new case. Every vendor has some non standard psu. No one can find replacement parts. The quality of the parts is terrible.
    I've been trying to upgrade all my WRAP boards with Atoms or some cheap core 2's. Everything I find has terrible customer reviews due to poor quality.

  • TBSN - Friday, January 16, 2009 - link

    As usual, nice article, but the PHOTOS! Get a BETTER CAMERA, guys!!!
  • Netcraazzy - Friday, January 16, 2009 - link

    I had to laugh at the Antec "gaming" case. I can almost guarantee that whenever a company puts the "gaming" label on something it is ugly and overpriced. I think the Silverstone case takes the cake though for the ugliest case I have ever seen. What is that thing? Did the designer have a fascination with the Jawa Sandcrawler from Star Wars or something?
  • WillR - Thursday, January 15, 2009 - link

    Since you say the mfgs and designers are wanting feedback I'll chip in my 2 cents as well. Maybe a few more than 2. :)

    I have never had a need for 4 5.25" bays. 1 is all I need and very few even need 2. Sure you can put a hard drive with cooler in there but why not instead design better 3.5" cages that actually allow good air flow? Typically I only feel safe using the top and bottom spaces in a 3 drive cage. They're just too close together and heat builds up.

    The closest to perfect case for me is the Antec Atlas 550. I prefer to buy a case that comes with an efficient PSU already installed. I don't need a window. It already has the better spacing between the 3.5" drives. It's not flashy, gaudy, and cheap looking. It's not obtrusively huge making it inherently ugly. What would I change? Possibly bundle it with an even more efficient power supply. Aren't the NeoPower series newer and a bit better than the Trio's? Also I'd want whichever is most silent. I'd turn the hard drives 90 degrees and install a backplane to put the cables completely out of the way along the case's side. Cut off the top 2 5.25" bays and possibly turn the bottom with built in adapter into a regular 3.5" bay for a flash card reader. Install a recessed CF card reader into the front and you could do away with 3 of the 5.25" bays completely. I'd leave the front I/O like it is. Headphones, mic, 1 firewire, and 2 USB ports spaced far enough to handle bulky usb plugs. We can all but ignore eSATA for another year until SATA rev 3.0 is finalized and able to power small devices. Until then you're just not going to see a need for it because the devices won't exist. Would there be any way to allow mounting of either 92 or 120mm fans in front of the drives? The more air the better imho. The less noise the better as well. Big, low rpm ones for me.

    Oh, as for why I don't really like the True Power Trio (And the Neo doesn't solve it)? Only 4 SATA connectors. I'd like to see 6 or even 8. I will never need 6 molex plugs again. 2 would suffice. Whether to put them on the same cable, with a SATA cable, or individual cables is a hard call. I'd like to see a better fan connector developed from scratch. 3 wire for monitoring and speed control, small, but also beefy enough where we never run into the problem of a fan pulling too much amperage for it.

    I'd also like to see more modular options in the lower wattage, high efficiency PSUs. The price premium to get it now is just too much.

    If you must install annoying, blindingly bright LEDs, make them easy to change, turn off, or at least cover up. And never use LED fans. I feel the same about flimsy plastic. If you can't make it out of thick durable plastic, use metal. I don't care if my case weighs 50lbs. I move it twice a year, if that. I want it to look good and last.

    On the door issue, I can't stress how many times I've wanted to rip the annoying thing off my last case and just throw it in the trash. Because it only opened one way, and I did not have room to move my PC to the other side of my desk. I was constantly hitting and closing it by accident whenever I reached without looking to press a power/reset button or use the optical drive. If it had opened the other direction or wasn't there are all, I wouldn't have had that problem.

    Thanks for your time.
  • th3pwn3r - Thursday, January 15, 2009 - link

    A few things I would do would be changing the silver side trim to black, I think the silver makes it look terrible, the handles on the top are a nice feature but in present state they make the case look cheap in my opinion and if you're going to put a door on a case just make sure it's durable. Other than that, looks decent. I don't see anything that really makes this case stand out and steers me into a purchase though.
  • elerick - Thursday, January 15, 2009 - link

    I really liked the Silverstone Falcon. The idea that you use gravity to take the retension out of your cables is nice, I wish they showed the cable management with all the hard drives and the likes installed.
  • anandtech02148 - Thursday, January 15, 2009 - link

    Gaudy, god awful gaudy. what is this, reshaped cases from 1990s?
    take cue from Apple at least, the only winner in 2009 is HP/Voodoo Firebird. At least they show you they are trying.

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