The beauty of the "naked" SEPP card design of the Celeron is that the backside of the processor is exposed, allowing for additional cooling to be clamped on to the rear of the processor card, making a "Celery sandwich" out of the processor between the two cooling methods. Net-N-Dude now offers an add-on to their Glacier 4500C called the Arctic cap, which is essentially a Socket-7 heatsink/fan without the clamps that attaches itself to the rear of the processor card.

The Arctic cap, retailing for about $12 from (the manufacturers) is an add-on to the Glacier 4500C alone, however it can be purchased with a new Glacier 4500C cooler for around $45. The cap attaches to the rear of the processor via a relatively simple clamp that allows it to attach on to the exposed pillars of the Glacier 4500C's heatsink. The arctic cap essentially takes the place of the plastic back plate that normally clamps the Glacier 4500C to the Celeron processor. Due to its prime placement on the opposite side of the processor, the cap helps remove a considerable amount of heat and definitely improves the temperature of an already hot CPU.

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The documentation (if you can really call it that) that Net-N-Dude supplies with the Arctic Cap combo is quite poor, and the diagrams are relatively weak in aiding novices in the assembly/attachment of the heatsink/fan combo. While it may not seem like much those users that have had experience with Celeron processors, think back to the first time you ever built your own system or performed your own processor upgrade. Chances are that you were at least as nervous as most novices would be when installing this unique contraption on their newly purchased processors.

The four fans (three on the Glacier 4500C + one on the Arctic Cap) receive their power through two 3-pin motherboard power connectors and two 5-pin hard drive power connectors. The 2/2 power supply configuration takes into account the fact that very few motherboards have more than 2 on-board connectors. In spite of this attention to detail, expect the wires around your Glacier 4500C combo to get a bit messy, as the pass through power supply connectors can be a bit tedious to work with.

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