Below is AnandTech's live coverage of NVIDIA's NVISION 08 day 2 keynote. The newest posts are at the top, keep refreshing for the latest updates.

All timestamps are in EDT.

1:24PM - And that's a wrap. See you tomorrow.

1:22PM - Apparently drivers tend to have their gauges at angles that match their preferences. Kyle likes all his gauges to point up when they are in the range he wants the to be in. This simulator looks pretty cool.

1:18PM - Sim Factory, a company that makes racing simulators, is showing off some tech. Kyle and Robert from Sim Factory are going to race in a second.

1:17PM - The design of new cars being done with better technology can help make things much safer and better.

1:15PM - Kyles is talking about the different effects that air has on your car and how you have to be aware of pulling out from behind people going through corners to get more downforce and better traction to take the turns. That's the kind of thing you don't get to feel in games.

1:13PM - NASCAR racer Kyle Busch is up. He's talking about playing racing games. He says they aren't really exact, but you can get a feel for the track.

1:11PM - I totally just sneezed and Ryan from PC Perspectives tapped me on the shoulder and showed me that someone commenting on his blog said bless you ... Thanks. :-)

1:11PM - Lorne says the idea of a text medium and even a computer screen is a bit backwards. He believes our kids will be handing in movies rather than reports in school.

1:08PM - We are seeing a clip from Beyond Good and Evil 2. Which is not only really cool in that it looks good, but the fact that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is getting a sequel is great. Go buy the first one if you haven't played it.

1:06PM - Digital artists, graphics designers, and industry professionals are starting to use digital art to express themselves more and more.

1:05PM - Artists are starting to build images around impossibility. Using fluids and physics and materials and changing their properties. Simulating unreality can create interesting images and is only possible to visualize this with technology.

1:03PM - While exploring art used to require travel to different cities that had different focus, today the world is our city. The internet brings us together.

1:01PM - Lorne Lanning is up now talking about digital fine arts.

1:00PM - Bernard is off stage after proclaiming his dedication to advancing the industry through partnership.

12:55PM - Convergence of visual computing technologies will help drive adoption and usage of things that, while cool, might not otherwise be adopted into the mainstream.

12:51PM - Bernard believes that we will need to come together as an industry before we can push existence into the fulfillment of its potential.

12:49PM - The changes will be more profound than even things like being able to custom order cars like a tailored suit. Everything will be Da Vinci rather than Guttenberg: more visual and less text. Interaction between companies and customers will become more complete and lead to revolutions in area's other than computers through the advent of visual computing.

12:45PM - Changing the way we interact with things will change the way things are designed as well. Mot just through the tools but to fit the environment that we will have given the changes that visual computing technology will introduce.

12:44PM - The discussion is about 3D impacting life and changing the way we interact. Looking at the potential of things like shopping online in 3D to actually look at the products on shelves like we would see them if we were really shopping.

12:36PM - The CEO of Dassault Systemes, Bernard Charles, is up next. He's talking about 3D design software.

12:34PM - The future of space flight is being discussed. The constellation program is replacing the current incarnation of the shuttle. Apparently it's cool that we can render stuff we don't have yet...

12:35PM - In the 1990's astronauts had to look at big screens of numbers and figure out what was going on, if something was wrong, and how to respond. Graphics make that easier.

12:30PM - They can use stereoscopic cameras with known position to measure geometry of the terrain and create a point cloud to describe the surface. They can also use collected data to simulate the surface over time (shadows moving etc) which allows them to determine when to take pictures with the best visibility.

12:28PM - Next up is a look at the tool they use to control the mars rovers. It is a program that shows landscape and allows them to navigate without putting the rovers in jeopardy.

12:25PM - They are showing off a program that simulates stuff in space that is accurately modeled using real distances and orbits and stuff and it helps people see how things work.

12:20PM - Simulation is important to astronauts because a lot of the stuff they have to do, they only have one shot at doing it. For instance, they shuttle doesn't have the engines they need to abort a landing if they aren't on their flight path. They just have to do it right.

12:19PM - Our first guest is an astronaut: Eileen Collins.

12:16PM - Scott Budman, a reporter here in San Jose who covers technology, is talking about visual computing and the industry. It seems like he's going to interview some people, but we'll have to wait and see what happens.

12:14PM - And now Rob is on stage introducing our speaker.

12:05PM - We are being told to take our seats and that things will begin shortly.

12:02PM - People are filing in to the auditorium for the second day's festivities. We'll let you know when things get rolling.



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    Hope text doesn't disappear completely. A lot harder to watch a video at work. Reply
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    i want that space simulation in my home! Reply

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