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This year we're trying to get as much coverage of CES as possible by having our editors blog about their individual experiences as frequently as possible. Since we've got a lot of blog posts going up all over the place, we wanted to take some time to summarize what's going on and collect all of our CES related stories in one place. Aside from introducing image galleries to AnandTech, CES is also the first trade show we've been able to cover in this fashion.

Let's get right to it and let you know what we've got here.

Anand posted an entry on Philips new $350 Blu-ray player. While Anand blogged earlier that the Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD debate is far from over even after the Warner move to Blu-ray, DailyTech is reporting that, with New Line (and subsequently the Lord of the Rings trilogy) under it's juisdiction, Warner's move will have a ripple effect in the industry. Aside from LOTR, Warner distributes HBO and BBC video products, meaning we could see compelling TV series help push the industry towards Blu-ray.

Next up, Anand posted a blog about Intel's latest platform and CPU updates. We will be seeing 16 new 45nm processors from Intel. We also have coverage up on Intel's new mobile Penryn part. Speaking of mobile parts, Anand also posts about Gateway's latest move in the mobile market: a nicely priced E5450 notebook with GeForce 8800 series graphics. Also mentioned are some details on Gateway's new 30" displays due out in the next 6 months.

From Manveer Wasson, we see that TI is introducing a few new technologies in its latest DLP products. These include very high refresh rates and the ability to watch 2 video streams on one monitor (with the use of goggles). In other dispaly coveage, Manveer also points us to Pioneer which showed off a 9mm thick working plasma TV.

Jarred Walton writes that ASUS is pushing the adoption of WiMAX with the inclusion of support in their second generation Eee PC. The demonstration seems quite compelling, but we still don't know how performance will be in an environment with a city full of users.

Gary Key talks about 1TB drives and large, fast solid state drives. Gary also has some motherboard coverage from ASUS and Jetway.

It's also interesting to note that we've seen more televised and internet coverage of CES 2008 than we have ever seen before. You know it's pervasive when CNBC's Erin Burnett is broadcasting live from a booth in the center of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The G4 network has extensive coverage all week, and we've seen CES mentioned everywhere today. PC sales are up 13% for 2007, and predictions for 2008 are for continuing double-digit growth. CES seems to be a bright spot in a slowing economy that may be looking at recession, and as such media coverage is intense. We will do our best to bring you what we find both at the show, on TV, and from across the web over the next few days.



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