Words of Thanks

A lot of people gave us assistance with this project, and we would of course like to thank them.

Kelly Sasso, Crucial Technology

Our experience: Crucial offers excellent support and quality for barebone servers

William H. Lea, Intel US
Jerry R. Baugh, Intel US
Matty Bakkeren, Intel Netherlands

Brett Jacobs, AMD US
Damon Muzny, AMD US

Bob Cramblitt
Larry D. Gray

Benchmark configuration
Here is the list of the different configurations. All servers have been flashed to the latest BIOS, and unless we add any specific comments to the contrary, the BIOS was set to default settings.

Opteron Socket F 1207 Server 1: Tyan Transport TA26 - 2932
Dual Opteron 2222 3GHz / 2224SE 3.2GHz
Tyan Thunder n3600m (S2932) - NVIDIA nForce Pro 3600 chipset
8GB (4x2GB) Crucial Registered DDR2-667 CL5 ECC
NIC: nForce Pro 3600 integrated MAC with Marvell 88E1121 Gigabit Ethernet PHY

Xeon Server 1: Intel "Bensley platform" server
2x Xeon 5160 3GHz or 2x Xeon E5345 at 2.33GHz
Intel Server Board S5000PSL - Intel 5000P Chipset
8GB (4x2GB) Crucial Registered FB-DIMM DDR2-667 CL5 ECC
NIC: Dual Intel PRO/1000 Server NIC
BIOS comment: Hardware prefetching disabled.

Client Configuration: Dual Opteron 850
MSI K8T Master1-FAR
4x512 MB Infineon PC2700 Registered, ECC
NIC: Broadcom 5705

SUSE Linux SLES SP1 (Linux
MySQL 5.0.26 as shipped with SUSE SLES 10 SP1
Sun Hotspot Java JVM 1.5.0_08
3DSMax 9
Cinebench 9.5
WinRAR 3.61

A Closer Look at AMD's Newest Offering Tyan Transport TA26


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  • 2ManyOptions - Monday, August 06, 2007 - link

    ... for most of the benchmarks Intel chips performed better than the Opterons, don't know why Intel should get scared from these, they can safely wait for Barcelona. Didn't really understand why you have out it as AMD is still in game with these in the 4S space. Reply
  • baby5121926 - Monday, August 06, 2007 - link

    intel got scared because they dont want to see the real result from AMD + ATI.
    the longer intel lets AMD lives, the more dangerous intel will be.
    that's why you guys can see Intel is attacking AMD really really hard at this meantime... just to kick AMD out of the game.
  • Justin Case - Monday, August 06, 2007 - link

    What are the units in the WinRAR results table? Reply
  • coldpower27 - Monday, August 06, 2007 - link

    Check Intel own pricing lists, and you will see that Intel has already pre-empted some of these cuts with their Xeon X5355 at $744 or Xeon E5345 at $455 and the "official" Xeon X5365 should be cout soon if not already...

  • TheOtherRizzo - Monday, August 06, 2007 - link

    I know nothing about 4S servers. But what's the essence of this article? Surely not that NetBurst is crap? We've known that for years. Is the real story here that Intel doesn't really give a s*** about 4S, otherwise they would have moved on to the core 2 architecture long ago? Just guessing. Reply
  • coldpower27 - Monday, August 06, 2007 - link

    Xeon 7300 Series based on the Tigerton core which is a 4 Socket Capable Kentsfield/Clovertown derivatives is arriving in Sepetember this year, so Intel does care in becoming more competitive in the 4S space, but it is just taking some time.

    They decided to concentrate on the high volume 2S sector is all first, since Intel has massive capacity, going for the high volume sector first makes sense.
  • mino - Monday, August 13, 2007 - link

    Yes and no, actually to have two intel quads running on a single FSB was a serious technical problem.

    Therefore they had to wait for 4-FSB chipset to be able to get them out the door. Not to mention the qualification times which are a bit onger for 4S platforms that 2S.

    AMD does not have these obstacles as 8xxx series are essentially 2xxx series from stability/reliability POW.
  • Calin - Monday, August 06, 2007 - link

    The 5160 processor is Core2 unit, not a NetBurst one. Also, the 5345 is a quad core based on Core2 Reply
  • jay401 - Monday, August 06, 2007 - link

    People built 3.0GHz - 3.33GHz E4300 & E4400 systems six months ago that cost roughly $135 for the CPU. Others went for an E6300 or more recently an E6320, both again under $200.
    They were all relatively easy overclocks.

    Why does anyone with any skill in building their own computer care about an $800+ CPU again?
  • Calin - Monday, August 06, 2007 - link

    Why don't Ford Mustangs use a small engine, overclocked to hell? Like an inline 4 2.0l with turbo, and a high rpm instead of their huge 4+ liter engines?
    Why do trucks use those big engines, when they could get the same power from a smaller, gasoline, turbocharged engine?

    People pay $800+ for processors that work in multiprocessor systems (your run of the mill Athlon64 or E4300 won't run). Also, they use error checking (and usually error correcting) memory in their systems - again, Athlon64 doesn't do this. They also use registered DDR in order to access more memory banks - your Athlon64 again falls short. On the E4300 side, the chipset is responsible with those things, so you could use such a processor in a server chassis - if the socket fits.

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