Usually when you see a commercial on TV comparing a luxury automobile with a cheaper domestic car, the main point that the commercial will try to implant in your mind in 30 seconds or less is that you get the same for less.   Getting the same for less is an interesting topic in the business world...
If you are familiar with the business world you should know that there is always a catch to any situation, and you often get much more than you bargained for when you shoot for the "same for less."  Strings seem to come pre-attached to just about every purchase you make in these days, especially in the world of computer hardware.  If you get a great deal on some generic RAM, you'll get the capacity, but not necessarily the quality.  This theory also holds true in the Video Industry, however there are always exceptions to any rule.  Limits are set to be broken, and Shuttle has tried to do just that with their 8MB AGP i740 based Video Card, which is, break the i740 price barrier while keeping their performance competitive. 

How well did Shuttle accomplish their goals with the i740 chipset?  ...and what strings, if any, are attached to a HOT-158 purchase?  Let's find out as AnandTech uncovers Shuttle's 8MB Wonder, the brand new AGP HOT-158. 

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