We previously discussed ATI's RV515 in some detail and mentioned that it would be a follow-up product to RV370 and carry 256MB memory with a core running at roughly 550MHz.

However, we just received information from sources close to ATI, that the X1300 series will pack more bang for the buck with BBA (built by ATI) and AIB designs moving forward. ATI will be producing its RV515 Pro SKU's at 600MHz clock speeds and be configured with either 512MB DDR2 or 256MB GDDR3 memory clocked at 400MHz.

RV515 LE, or simply Radeon X1300, will also come with 512MB of memory and in PCIe and AGP flavors. Other board manufacturers however, are free to produce cards based on other memory configurations.

Lastly, for those who are interested in Crossfire configurations, ATI recently indicated that Crossfire configurations for Radeon X1300 and X1600 will no longer require a master card. This means you may purchase any two different brands and be certain that Crossfire will be supported.



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  • h7o - Saturday, November 12, 2005 - link

    Any word on the ati's mobility gpus for this generation? Will they be shipping with yonah in january? Reply
  • Palek - Thursday, November 10, 2005 - link

    Can you guys please stop using "going forward", this awful marketroid phrase? It's bad enough that we have to endure it in every press release these days. Why does it have to show up on enthusiast news sites now? What is wrong with "in the future" or "in future products" etc. ?

    Or am I the only reader annoyed by this? If so, carry on... :(
  • Wesleyrpg - Wednesday, November 9, 2005 - link

    512mb on a low end card? something aint right! whats the point??? i mean....128mb would be fine on a low end card!!!!

    Wouldn't they be better off using the extra money they'll be saving on things like more pipelines, vertex shaders etc.

    I hope people don't fall for the more memory = better performance route!
  • Clauzii - Wednesday, November 9, 2005 - link

    If the cards have more onboard memory, it´s better for antialiazing?

    And if we are lucky the OC to 600 on the GPU?

    Hmm... I think both N and A puts to many GCs out at the moment, but so does the whole computer industry -everybody wants a bit of the cake...
  • KristopherKubicki - Wednesday, November 9, 2005 - link


    512mb on a low end card?

    I am not sure if you have seen this gem before:

  • ViRGE - Wednesday, November 9, 2005 - link


    At the spec 6200 memory speeds(550*8bytes), that card can only access the entire 512MB 8 times a second.
  • xsilver - Wednesday, November 9, 2005 - link

    people will fall for it, I guarantee it!
    and knowing the crappy board manufacturers like powercolour and below will stick in cheapest and slowest ram available too = 250mhz ddr2 or something.
    they might also lower the clock speeds if their crappy heatsinks are unable to cope with the 600mhz
  • tfranzese - Wednesday, November 9, 2005 - link

    I'm not sure, but do consumers equate more video memory capacity like they once did (and probably still do) processor clock speed? There's absolutely no use for 256 MB video memory, let alone 512 MB on these cards. They should be increasing things like TMUs, pipelines, etc. and actually make the card worthwhile.

    My .02
  • hosto - Wednesday, November 9, 2005 - link

    I agree....ATI has made a mess of its low and mid range cards in the latest generation....they seriously need to add more pipelines or something, otherwise they are going to lose a lot of market share to nVidia......i would rather buy an x800 series if i went ATI Reply
  • ksherman - Wednesday, November 9, 2005 - link

    thats a lot of RAM Reply

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