For more complete benchmarks of the nVidia Riva TNT Chipset, search the AnandTech Video Accelerator Reviews and Comparisons.

Test Configuration

The Slot-1 Pentium II Test System AnandTech used was configured as follows:

Intel Pentium II 266
Intel Pentium II 400


64MB Mushkin SEC PC100 SDRAM

CD-ROM Drive
AOpen 32X IDE CD-ROM Drive

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 98

3DMark99 for all Benchmarking Tests

VSYNC was disabled during AnandTech's tests (VSYNC is the synchronization of all buffer swaps to the refresh rate of your monitor, theoretically limiting the attainable frame rate by the refresh rate your monitor is set at.  Disabling it will improve performance but may degrade visual quality by introducing "tearing").


The performance of the Graphics Blaster TNT is on par with that of the rest of the TNT squad, so performance among competitors isn't really an issue.  However to illustrate not only the incredible processor scalability the TNT boards but also the virtually insignificant difference the AGP/PCI versions hold in current gaming tests (this may change in the future with more complex and texture hungry games).   

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