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Every so often, we get a hold of a piece of hardware that looks good, regardless of how it performs. Of course, there are always times when the performance doesn't quite live up to the looks, but this is not one of them. If we were going to recommend a card solely going on looks alone, we'd choose this one. It just looks good, period. Originally, the card was going to be released with a green heat sink, but apparently, EVGA changed their mind at the last minute and made it the black monster instead. We approve of their choice, as it makes the overall appearance of the card a little more dramatic. Don't worry; if you think black is too boring of a color, EVGA will soon be offering this card in three other colors: silver, rose, and green.

As you can see, EVGA extended the original heat sink from the GTX version to cover the entire top of the card, with e-shaped cutouts for ventilation. Aside from dispersing heat, this looks like it would be pretty good protection from physical damage. There are four RAM sinks and a heat sink on the card's GPU on the back as well. The box looks basically the same as the box of the previous EVGA card that we tested, except the colors are slightly different and it's a different card on the front. It's also worth noting that there is a version of this card that comes bundled with Battlefield 2.

We have to hand it to EVGA for seriously overclocking an already awesome card, and then making it look extra nice to boot. The good looks are kind of like the sprinkles on the icing of a cake. It doesn't matter how old you are - from the time that you take the card out of the box until you actually put it into your machine, you will probably be a little bit giddy (some may be a bit more).

We know that with a graphics card - or any computer part for that matter - many serious enthusiasts could care less on how it looks. What really matters is how well it does the job that it was made to do. It's easy to get excited about a piece of hardware that looks as good as it performs. While the EVGA e-GeForce 7800GTX KO may not be the perfect answer to form versus function, we think that it comes pretty close.

Warranty is something that we have not touched on much in the past. We think that this plays a role in card value, especially given EVGA's new policy. We mentioned in the last article that as of June 22, EVGA is offering a lifetime warranty for all of its cards. BFG also offers a warranty, but apparently, EVGA's is different in that it covers any damage to the card as long as it's not physical. So, for instance, if the EVGA card is damaged by trying to overclock it too high, or if lightning fries it because it was not protected by a surge protector, EVGA will replace it free of charge while BFG will not. MSI's warranty is only good for three years, with basically the same conditions as BFG. Depending on the user, three years may be longer than the "lifetime" of the card, but covering all but physical damage is a definite win for EVGA. Aside from power surge, overclock and heat damage, they'll even cover a failed video BIOS flash (we asked). You can find more information about each manufacturer's warranty policy at their respective websites.

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  • Medium - Wednesday, February 08, 2006 - link

    Hey Guys..

    I noticed that you didnt tell anything about which ns the ram was, and what brand of ram that the Evga card was using, is it rated at 1.6ns as almost all the other GTX or did they put faster one? :)

    Best Regards

  • robert5c - Friday, September 02, 2005 - link

    First off i would just like to say that i was shopping for 7800GTX and i've read most of the separate articles and being able to read an article that is concentrated on one specific product not just the technology helps when shopping, and with your guys great links to prices and price engine you guys are a shoppers dream in my oppinion so i'm glad you guys were able to show me what this card was and why it was better.

    anyway i did buy this card, however i'm having some puzzling issues and i'm wondering if i should exchange for a new one or if thats not the problem.

    In BF2 i cranked the video settins all the way up, monitor limited to 1600x1200@72hz
    however i don't get very great frame rates at these settings...first off after the game loads, and i first start off by picking a spawn/weopon my framerate is incredibly slow, for about a minute after i join after the loader its like this, then after that for the most part the game plays pretty smooth however i still lag here and there and my framerates really bomb during explosions.

    i find this really weird considering the framerates you guys get with the same card and settings so i'm woundering if there are things i should check/change or if i might just recieved a slightly defective card.

    My computer:
    Windows XP PRO SP2, latest nvidia drivers 77.77
    Broadband 4Mbps Cable Internet Connection
    Intel D925XECV2 MOBO
    Intel P4 3.73ghz EE
    1 gig ram in dual channel (2x512) DDR2-533
    WD Raptor 36gb boot sata HD
    WD Caviar 80gb secondary sata HD
    485W Power Supply Enermax Noisetaker
    LanParty case with stock 2x120mm fans cooling

    before i had a gigabyte pci-e 6600GT and could play very well at 1280x1040 with all high except med texture and lighting

    any help would be much apperciated
  • VideoQuasar - Wednesday, August 17, 2005 - link

    I was going to be interested in how much improvement the 7800 such as this one would be in SpecView or CineBench. Just games!! Do you realise how cheap 600 bucks is for a workstation card. Cater to the kiddies you do, and this card is to expensive for kiddies.

    Review rating...incomplete
  • AtaStrumf - Thursday, August 11, 2005 - link

    Derek I gotta tell that this article reads like a press release, If you know what I mean. Come on, how much praise do an improved heatsink and a few more MHz warrant???
    It just get's one thinking it's a paid article, so I think, you might wonna tone it down a bit.

    And I agree that all these 7800 GTX reviews do seem kind of weird. I don't really see a need for it. I wonder if it's gonna be the same for a cheaper 7600 GT?! Much more people will actually be interested in that.
  • AtaStrumf - Saturday, August 13, 2005 - link

    Ups, I mean Josh.

    What, no reply??? Am I correct??? Is this just an advertisement disguised as an article? They have those in paper magazines too, but they at least have a small print somewhere on the page saying so.
  • DerekWilson - Sunday, August 14, 2005 - link

    I'm glad you all are suspicious of site out there -- it means you will test our claims for yourselves, do independant research, and come to your own conclusions. And after doing this it will become abundantly clear that we report only what we see as fact. We don't need small print because what we report isn't for any other purpose than to keep our readers as well informed with good information as possible.

    One of the very few things manufactueres can do to distinguish themselves is to invest in cooling technology. The other options are software bundle and warranty. Aside from having the best warranty we've seen, an exemplary customer service record (in our experience), and an upgraded HSF, the EVGA KO has the highest out of the box clock speeds on the market (tied for first with the XFX overclocked 7800 GTX).

    Josh didn't gush about this card for any reason other than the fact that it is the best card out there right now. It's really hard to argue with the facts on this one.

    The only factor that this card does not lead on is price. There are cheaper 7800 GTX parts out there, our performance tests show pretty clearly just how much faster the EVGA KO is ...

    We just call em as we see em around here.
  • Quiksel - Tuesday, August 09, 2005 - link

    Derek (and anyone else who cares),

    Am I just on crack, or is it that there has been only one 7800GTX review after another on this site? How much of this chip do we need? I admit that this particular one is pretty neat in it's own way, but isn't there something else out there in the computer world worth reviewing and spending time and effort on?

    Certainly it can't be 5 brands of the same video card.
  • DerekWilson - Wednesday, August 10, 2005 - link

    What if we review all the 7800 GTX cards (and all the brands of all the other cards that come out from now on) as well as all the stuff we reviewed before (and more)? Our intention is to review other graphics solutions as well, we just started with the 7800 GTX.

    We realize that quality is more important than quantity. Be assured that adding articles like this won't reduce our quality but will give us more time to focus on researching some very in depth and interesting technology articles. Reviewing one card per week is much faster and easier than doing a roundup, and we are able to spend more time with the individual cards and go into more detail as well.
  • Quiksel - Wednesday, August 10, 2005 - link

    (1) I understand that taking new tech and reviewing it on launch day, etc., is important. (2) Then comes the mass production of the tech by different manufacturers, so there's a need for the readers to be informed on the differences between the different products. (3) Then there's the difference between the interim releases after the initial launch of the new tech that also need reviewing and explanation. From those three different times of a piece of new tech, I would typically expect 3 articles or so for each piece of said new tech. From my initial post, I have just been surprised that what seems to be happening are lots of reviews centered around the second phase of your review cycle, and so that's why I was asking whether this is really what readers want to see on AT all the time (i.e., $500 graphic cards to oggle and wish a relative would die so that we could afford it)

    Can't tell you how weird I felt last night to read the new article about the $3000 desk. I guess it helps to have some off-the-wall review about such a nice piece of desk. But is that really what the readers want to see? More hardware that they can't afford? One poster above me here mentioned that you've lost touch with your readers, and sometimes, I wonder whether you're really just trying to fill a niche that no one else is really pursuing in an effort to either drive the industry in that direction or just cater to a crowd that may or may not even visit here. Who knows. I sure got confused with such an article. These 7800GTX articles have done the same for me.

    I don't know what to tell ya to do, because I'm not in your position. But I certainly don't feel as at home on this site as I used to. Am I getting too old to appreciate all this nice shiny new expensive hardware?? :)
  • OvErHeAtInG - Wednesday, August 10, 2005 - link

    Uh - like they've said and said again - they can either review each one individually as they get them, or wait another month and do a big roundup. Frankly this is better - more in-depth info. I find it interesting and I'm not even in the market for this. Reply

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