Holding out for a quality curved gaming monitor is currently much easier than trying to find a discount on a new graphics card. Users looking to upgrade their gaming display should appreciate this offer on AOC’s C27G2Z 27-Inch curved gaming monitor which appears to have been marked down to one of its lowest prices since launch at $269 through Amazon.

Amazon has the original price listed at $299 but most vendors tend to sell this display for well over $300 new—even Newegg has it listed for $379. Overall, this discount is one of the most notable we came across as the C27G2Z offers a few high-quality specifications that are well worth the investment.

AOC C27G2Z 27-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor: was $299, now $269 at Amazon

The first obvious design feature is the 27-Inch curved VA panel. It has a FHD (1920 x 1080) resolution, and uses WLED backlighting.

Since this is a gaming-focused display, the refresh rate is much higher than most standard displays, and is capable of reaching up to 240Hz. The response time is extremely short as well. According to the official specifications from AOC, it can get as low as .5 ms.

Users can expect the quality that comes with a FreeSync Premium-certified display which ensures tear-free and low latency performance. There are a couple of input options to choose from including two HDMI ports and a single DisplayPort input. The purchase also includes a 3-year warranty from AOC.

Visit the AOC C27G2Z 27-Inch curved gaming monitor product page at Amazon for more details and purchase options. It’s not clear for how long this discount will be made available.

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