AMD K6-2

by Anand Lal Shimpi on May 27, 1998 2:30 PM EST
As a second system, or as a high performing gaming workstation, the K6-2 has exceeded almost all expectations placed on it.  If you are wary about upgrading to Slot-1, or are looking for an excellent intermediate upgrade between now and the release of Intel's next major processor upgrade, then the K6-2 is probably just what you've been looking for.  Expect support for this processor to grow tremendously in the future, while it will be replaced by AMD's K6-3 later this year the K6-2 will definitely please more than a few users during its reign at the top of the cost efficient gaming market.  Finally the term cost efficient does not represent a poor performer, as the benchmarks clearly show, the cost efficient K6-2 is not a poor performer.  While I wouldn't drop my Slot-1/Pentium II investment in favor of a K6-2, if you have yet to make that long awaited upgrade, give the K6-2 a good look before moving on to the more expensive Pentium II World.

Product: AMD K6-2 Processor
Vendor: Treasure Chest Computers

3D Gaming Performance


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