1066FSB Performance: OCZ PC2-4200EB

OCZ is a well-known supplier of Enthusiast DDR memory. However, OCZ has not until now delivered the kind of "killer" product in DDR2 that is their trademark in DDR memory. OCZ tells us that this product, their PC2-4200EB, is the product that stands above the crowd.

Test DIMMs were a matched pair of double-sided 1024MB DDR2 DIMMs with platinum-colored heatspreaders. We would be surprised, but not astounded, by 512MB DDR2 DIMMs rated at 3-2-2-8, when the rest of the competition is at 3-3-3 or slower timings. However, these are 1GB DIMMs rated at 3-2-2-8, which is an incredible achievement. All performance tests were run with 2X1GB DIMMs.

OCZ also markets these same PC2-4200EB modules in a 1GB kit with 2x512MB single-sided DIMMs. Other testers have claimed that the single-sided 512MB DIMMs are even faster than the DS 1GB versions, but we did not find that in our tests. While we did test both SS and DS DIMMs, we did not find the single-sided to perform much differently than the double-sided modules. This makes the 1GB OCZ DDR2 DIMMs the first 1GB memory that we have tested - DDR or DDR2 - where the 1GB performance is as good as, or better than, any available 512MB module.

OCZ did not share the maker of the memory chips on the PC2-4200EB. They said that they were made for them by a major chip-maker, but the information was proprietary. The memory chips are BGA, so we weren't comfortable trying to remove the heatspreaders to check. We recently destroyed some BGA memory when we removed a heatspreader and these DDR2 chips were just too good to risk destroying them in order to report the memory chip maker. They behave like Micron chips in some benchmarking, but we cannot be certain of their origin. We will report more when we find out the memory chip maker.

Test Results: OCZ PC2-4200EB

The full suite of benchmark tests were run at all six benchmark speeds. This includes Quake3, Super PI, Sandra 2004 SP2 Memory Tests, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein-Enemy Territory. We also ran UT2003, Aquamark 3, and Comanche 4 at every memory speed to verify stability of the reported memory timings. All benchmarks and additional tests had to complete without incident for the memory settings to be considered stable.

OCZ PC2-4200EB (DDR2 533) - 2x1024Mb Double-Bank
Speed Memory Timings
& Voltage
Sandra UNBuffered Sandra Standard
Super PI 2M places
(time in sec)
200x12 - 2.4GHz
402.4 INT 2738
FLT 2812
INT 4754
FLT 4749
78.7 126
200x12 - 2.4GHz
404.4 INT 2922
FLT 3007
INT 4917
FLT 4915
79.2 124
237x12 - 2.84G
480.0 INT 3412
FLT 3529
INT 5742
FLT 5743
93.6 106
266x12 - 3.2GHz
522.5 INT 3015
FLT 3092
INT 5759
FLT 5755
102.3 98
266x12 - 3.2GHz
529.6 INT 3473
FLT 3604
INT 6129
FLT 6122
103.9 96
308x12 - 3.7GHz
608.4 INT 4013
FLT 4057
INT 7055
FLT 7048
119.8 84

What can you say about a memory that is rated at DDR2-533 and reaches a stable overclock of DDR2-821? That's an overclock of 54% - an unbelievable performance. To put this in perspective, we have been overwhelmed at the ability of some DDR400 rated Samsung TTCD to reach DDR580. That is an overclock of 180FSB and 45%. Perhaps that puts in perspective how remarkable this overclock of 288FSB and 54% really is!

1066FSB Performance Test Settings Conclusion


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  • dev0lution - Thursday, December 23, 2004 - link

    1GB DC Kit for $400+ and 2GB DC Kit for $800+?? I think I'll just keep the hyper-x 4300 I got for $200 less and spend more on my other components. The performance increase isn't THAT mind-blowing but the prices sure are! Reply
  • Lord Evermore - Thursday, December 23, 2004 - link

    Another sign of declining standards: the "Xenon" .13 technology? Reply
  • GTMan - Thursday, December 23, 2004 - link

    The article makes the claim that other high end memory is achieved by "hand picking" and then says that this memory is a "new breed".

    Where is the info to back this up? What is different (in terms of technology) about this RAM? Or maybe this article is only about numbers :(
  • Carfax - Wednesday, December 22, 2004 - link

    The reason why the memory bandwidth scores are so low for DDR2-700 and 800 is obviously because the memory is bottlenecked by the FSB.

    The P4 would need to have a FSB of 1600 to take advantage of DDR2-800..
  • Alphafox78 - Wednesday, December 22, 2004 - link

    Funny thing is that at the 700mhz speed the memory bandwith on my A64 with PC3200 is faster... Reply
  • Anemone - Tuesday, December 21, 2004 - link

    PS and I didn't even buy the matched 2gb set, just picked up 2 1gb individual sticks from Newegg.

    And at 4+ghz and sub 50c temps on air, I don't find any reason to worry about using an AMD solution...
  • Anemone - Tuesday, December 21, 2004 - link

    I own 2 1gb sticks of this memory and while I"ve not had occasion yet to reach 811 fsb, every other timing they tested I have managed on a P5AD2-E (925XE) board. My PS is only the Antec Neopower 480 so it can also be done with a lesser PS as well.

    Expensive, yes, but given that no way would you ever see DDR1 in 1gb sticks doing this, makes it quite worth it if you need 2gb of memory in 2 sticks.

  • bupkus - Tuesday, December 21, 2004 - link

    Only one question...
    When will the time come that I can/should start considering DDR2 for my future AMD gaming PC?
  • PrinceGaz - Tuesday, December 21, 2004 - link

    I just wish there were 1GB PC3200 or faster modules available for not much more than twice the price of the 512MB ones. Instead it seems 1GB DDR modules will always be overpriced and with slow timings. The Athlon 64 is crying out for fast 1GB PC3200 modules. Reply
  • MS - Tuesday, December 21, 2004 - link

    p.s. I know how to hand pick coffee beans but with memory, I would be out of my league... Reply

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